Moccasin Bend

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This 7-mile run is a relatively flat and easy option that is perfect for a post-work workout.

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Zach Winchester

Destination Distance From Downtown

5.6 miles


2 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

7 miles, 50min-1hr


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Not Recommended

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Starting from the intersection of Market St and Frazier Ave in the heart of North Chattanooga, proceed west towards Manufacturers Rd, where you will take a left. You will pass underneath Highway 27 and once you hit approximately one mile, you will see Hamm Rd on your left. Proceed left down Hamm Rd until you reach Moccasin Bend Rd, which is about three quarters of a mile after your turn onto Hamm Rd. Take a left onto Moccasin Bend Rd and run parallel to the Moccasin Bend Golf Course until the road dead ends at the Moccasin Bend Hospital. From the intersection of Market St and Frazier Ave to the Hospital entrance is approximately 3.5 miles. Complete the run back for a solid 7-miler.
The difficulty rating is so low because this run is virtually flat, except for the slight rise of Hamm Rd. The beauty of this run is that, once you pass underneath Highway 27, you will encounter little to no car traffic at all. Once on Moccasin Bend Rd, you will see families of deer and wild turkey and maybe the occasional golf ball as you run past Moccasin Bend Golf Course. This is a great, safe route, and it provides an easy, minimal turn, flat course for speed work or an easy jog. Please feel free to park at Fast Break Athletics and use their restrooms and water fountain.

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Moccasin Bend

19 Cherokee Blvd
Chattanooga, TN, 37405
35.027203, -85.335521

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