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  • Meet Fennel Blythe: The Fearless Artist and Athlete Who Just Won't Stop

  • How to Spend Memorial Day Weekend in the Southeast

  • A Conversation with 7 Bridges Marathoners Jean Paul and Devin Vaudreuil

Recent Stories

  1. 8 Essential Bike Repair Skills You Need to Know

    From fixing a flat to keeping your chain in good working order, here are 8 essential bike repair skills you need to know.

  2. A Look at Chattanooga's Newest Hot Spots for Food and Drink

    From top-notch burgers to locally brewed beer, these new restaurants offer everything a foodie could want in Chattanooga.

  3. An Insider's Guide to Signal Mountain's Great Outdoors

    Chattanooga's Signal Mountain is a nature lover’s heaven. Just a 20-minute drive from downtown, it offers a wide variety of outdoor adventure and some of the most amazing views in the region.

  4. An Insider’s Guide to Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center

    Nestled at the base of Lookout Mountain just minutes from downtown Chattanooga, Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center offers visitors a chance to explore the regions diverse landscapes and enjoy a day in the outdoors.

  5. The Best Things About Fall in Chattanooga: What to Know, Where to Go

    Chattanooga’s vibrant foliage and plethora of autumn activities should put it at the top of your list of places to visit this fall.

  6. Take Advantage of Chattanooga’s Bike Sharing System to Explore the City

    Bicycling around Chattanooga has never been easier thanks to the city's bike sharing system, which offers visitors a cheap and convenient way to get around.

  7. The 8 Best Scenic Overlooks in Chattanooga

    Nestled in a valley amid stooped southeastern mountains, Chattanooga is filled with places to get up high and check out the amazing scenery for miles around. Here are some of the best scenic overlooks to explore.

  8. A Day of Art and Culture in Chattanooga

    Spend a day enjoying the art and cultural scene of Chattanooga, which is filled with a wide range of public art, world-class museums, local restaurants, and historic properties.

  9. The Complete Guide to Paddling Life in Chattanooga

    For quality paddling in any shape or form, Chattanooga is a water lover’s dream come true. Paddlers can find everything from world-class whitewater to leisurely floats through downtown. Here's a quick guide to accessing it all.

  10. What It's Like to Quit Your Job and Become a Raft Guide

    Two years ago, Jerry Hauck was working as a financial analyst in Florida. Today, he plies his trade as a raft guide in the mountains of North Georgia leading river trips and living the good life.

  11. Demystifying the Cherokee National Forest: A Beginner’s Guide

    If you’ve ever been hiking or paddling in eastern Tennessee, you’ve probably experienced the wonders of the Cherokee National Forest without even knowing it.

  12. 50 Things to Do in Chattanooga

    From the best local hiking trails, to the top places for refueling afterwards, here's our list of 50 outdoor things to do in Chattanooga.

  13. 19 of the Best Restaurants in Chattanooga with Outdoor Seating

    Chattanooga is a popular summer destination for all of its outdoor activities—and that includes dining. Check out these 19 restaurants with excellent decks, rooftops, and patios to enjoy the fresh air.

  14. So, You Want to Start Climbing in Tennessee?

    Tennessee is known by rock climbers around the country for the quality of its crags and bouldering areas, making it a great place to get started in the sport.

  15. Where (and How) to Get on the Water in Chattanooga

    With scenic rivers, lakes, and swimming holes, Chattanooga is filled with places to enjoy some time on the water.

  16. How to Have a Nonstop Day of Adventure at Chickamauga Battlefield (and Why You Should)

    The Chattanooga area is filled with Civil War history, and the best place to explore the conflict is at the nearby Chickamauga National Military Park. Here's a quick itinerary to help you get the most of a trip to the past.

  17. How to Do a Bike and Brew Tour of Chattanooga

    Enjoy six of the best breweries in Chattanooga with this bar-hopping tour by bike.

  18. The Story of Truman Smith: What It Takes to Be a 70-Year-Old Marathoner

    Truman Smith has run 26.2 miles in every state in the US and on all seven continents, even Antarctica. And he didn't even start running until he was 38 years old.

  19. Running a Self-Guided 5k Through Chattanooga's Passageways

    Chattanooga's Passageways art instillation is tucked away among the downtown alleys. This 5k route will allow runners to see a unique side of the city that they might otherwise miss.

  20. Insider's Guide to Denny Cove

    Denny Cove, the newest crag in Tennessee’s South Cumberland State Park system, is quickly growing in popularity among climbers all over the Southeast.

  21. A Guide to Chattanooga's Unique Birding Opportunities

    Birders will find that Chattanooga is filled with opportunities to spot both native and migrating birds along the Tennessee River in the hear of the city and at several natural preserves.

  22. The 5 Best Family-Friendly Hikes in Chattanooga

    Whether you're visiting for a week or just a weekend, Chattanooga features plenty of pristine hiking trails close to town. Here are some of our favorites.

  23. A Guide to Chattanooga's In-Town Neighborhoods

    Go beyond the downtown to explore these great neighborhoods on your next trip to Chattanooga.

  24. The Toughest Outdoor Challenges in Chattanooga

    These outdoor endurance events in Chattanooga will put the best athletes to the test.

  25. A Guide to Off-the-Beaten-Path Grub in Chattanooga

    Are you hungry? Take advantage of these seven spots around Chattanooga for a one-of-a-kind meal.

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