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  1. StumpJump 50k Founder and Chattanooga’s Trail Running Ambassador: Matt Sims

    Matt Sims is the type of person you want to spend your time with, and he's also the founder of the coolest trail races in Chattanooga.

  2. Rate Your Chattanooga Routes

    4 Favorite Chattanooga Trails

    With so many Chattanooga trails to choose from, simply deciding where to go can often be the most challenging part. This spring, be sure to a

  3. 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge

    Last year was a difficult for the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge, but organizers and racers have returned yet again to keep the tradition alive.

  4. The Crash Pad: Chattanooga's Uncommon Hostel

    The Crash Pad hostel and Flying Squirrel bar have made an indispensable imprint on the face of the Chattanooga scene, and the owners gave us the inside scoop.

  5. Rob Robinson on Chattanooga Rock Climbing

    Rob Robinson, a forefather of Chattanooga climbing speaks about the past, present, & future of Chattanooga rock climbing in this interview.

  6. Roanne Miller

    Roanne Miller & Grassroots Outdoor Alliance are demonstrating the incredible value of a united group of independently-owned local retailers.

  7. The River Gorge Trail Race

    The River Gorge Trail Race in Chattanooga, part of the Salomon Rock/Creek Race Series would not be possible without great volunteers.

  8. Grand Teton Climbing Giveaway

    Rock/Creek, Marmot, & Exum Mtn Guides are partnering in a Grand Teton Climbing Giveaway. One couple will win the experience of a lifetime.

  9. Plunging into the Unknown: Steve Fisher & The Grand Inga Project

    Steve Fisher, iconic kayaker and 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, was in Chattanooga recently for the screening of his “The Grand Inga Project” film at the Lookout Film Festival.

  10. Dawson Wheeler & Rock/Creek Outfitters

    Dawson Wheeler, co-founder of Rock/Creek Outfitters in Chattanooga, relays the history of one of the country's premier outdoor retailers.

  11. The Girl Trail

    Built completely young women, the girl trail will be a new extension of the Perimeter Trail at the Chattanooga Nature Center.

  12. Ben Colvin

    After graduating from Montana with a degree in Environmental Psychology and Politics, Ben Colvin is spearheading Wild South.

  13. Why We Started RootsRated

    After driving 16,000 miles around North America, we launched RootsRated to make it easier to discover the best outdoor experiences.

  14. How Rave Parties Are Raising Money for Climbing Conservation

    The story of how grassroots partying and the art of getting rowdy are stimulating climbing conservation projects in the Southeast.

  15. RootsRated Conservation, Advocacy, & Organizations Directory

    Here are some organizations and conservation groups that we know are all about preserving and protecting our country's wild places.

  16. A Conversation with ChattaJack Athlete Steve Dullack

    We sat down with ChattaJack31 competitor Steve Dullack to discuss his pre- and post-race traditions and why he thinks the ChattaJack is such a special event.

  17. A Conversation with Swim the Suck Competitor Kent Nicholas

    We sat down with Swim the Suck competitor Kent Nicholas to discuss his pre-race traditions, his thoughts on Chattanooga as a city, and his race expectations.

  18. A Conversation with 5-Points 50 Rider Lisa Randall

    We sat down with Lisa Randall — a tough-as-nails rider and 5-Points 50 rider — to discuss her passion for mountain biking and her favorite aspects of racing in Chattanooga.

  19. The Insider’s Guide to Watching & Cheering at IRONMAN Chattanooga

    This Insider's Guide to IRONMAN Chattanooga will help you support the athletes and spectate for this epic full-day event.

  20. A Family Affair: The Tennessee Ragnar Relay

    If you’ve never traveled from Chattanooga to Nashville in a van filled with smelly friends and their smelly shoes, you might consider putting a team together and partaking in the Ragnar Relay.

  21. Father & Son Marathoners and 7 Bridges Competitors: Jean Paul and Devin Vaudreuil

    Meet Jean Paul and Devin Vaudreuil, a father and son duo participating in this year's 7 Bridges Marathon on October 18th in Chattanooga.

  22. When Fortune, Fate, and Fitness Align

    For Daniel Lucas, the Thunder Rock 100 was a resounding success, replete with ups and downs, but mostly ups.

  23. Bouldering in Chattanooga’s Backyard

    It's widely known that Stone Fort, or Little Rock City, offers some of the best bouldering in Chattanooga. Here's an introduction for those who don't know.

  24. StumpJump 2014

    To kick off this year's month long RiverRocks festival in Chattanooga, the Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k & 11-miler, now in its thirteenth year, will see about 500 amateur and professional athletes take to the trails to test their mettle.

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