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  1. The 5 Toughest Hikes in Chattanooga

    Chattanooga is known for its incredible hiking trails. But if you really want to challenge yourself, here are five scenic hikes that will test your endurance.

  2. A Guide to Chattanooga in the Winter

    There's plenty of outdoor fun to find in Chattanooga to create a perfect winter getaway.

  3. The Brew Crew: Chattanooga Brewing Company + Hutton and Smith

    The craft brewing business is getting crowded, but the owners of two Chattanooga breweries say there’s room for more.

  4. 9 Easy Tennessee Hikes with Huge Panoramic Payoffs

    A list of nine easy hikes in Tennessee that lead to spectacular views.

  5. Beautiful Tennessee: A Photographic Journey Through the Volunteer State

    From the blue-tinted haze of the Smokies, to the waterfall-filled wonderland of the Cumberland Plateau, to the bucolic plains of West Tennessee, here are some images that will surely inspire you to get out and about in The Volunteer State.

  6. Creating Local Flavor: Chattanooga's Emerging Culinary Scene

    A new breed of chefs is coming (or coming back) to Chattanooga after working in cities around the world. They are lured by the growing social scene, incredible produce from local farms and the chance to shape the flavor of a city.

  7. 5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season to Go Hiking in Tennessee

    Don’t ditch your hiking gear just because of the cooler temperatures. Winter is actually one of the best times to hike in Tennessee.

  8. The Ultimate Tennessee Road Trip: How to Spend 7 Days in the Volunteer State

    We’ve put together a seven-day itinerary to some of most scenic attractions you’ll find in Tennessee, starting and ending in Nashville, hitting up Blues City, the Cumberland Plateau, Chattanooga, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Knoxville along the way.

  9. An Insider's Guide to the Cumberland Trail

    The Cumberland Trail itself is part of the even more ambitious Great Eastern Trail, an alternative to the Appalachian Trail that will stretch over 1,600 miles from Alabama to New York when it's all said and done.

  10. Chattanooga 2017 Festival Guide

    Start planning a visit to these festivals that return to Chattanooga in the year ahead.

  11. The Best RootsRated Reads of 2016

    From epic thru-hikes to unforgettable road trips, here are some of our favorite adventure stories from 2016.

  12. 10 Awesome Places to See Between Nashville and Chattanooga

    You’ll be amazed at just how much adventure are packed in the two-hour drive between Nashville and Chattanooga. Next time you make the journey, take some time to check out one of these incredible destinations.

  13. Why You Should Join the Tennessee Trail Crew: A Letter from the Editor

    The Tennessee Trail Crew is our first-ever statewide collective of writers, explorers, and photographers. Here's why you should join.

  14. What You Need in Your Southeastern Adventure Medical Kit (According to the Experts)

    We spoke with a U.S. Army Special Ops Medic, and the organizer of a survival school and wilderness medical program, to talk about what you need to stay safe on the trail. Here's what they had to say.

  15. The Best Places for Winter Climbing Around Chattanooga

    Winter is an excellent time to rock climb in Chattanooga. You'll find fewer crowds, cooler temperatures, and plenty of amazing rock.

  16. Running Around Chattanooga

    From trail running to popular urban marathons, Chattanooga has lots of reasons for runners to visit the Scenic City.

  17. Fall Mountain Bike Rides in Chattanooga

    The fall is the perfect time to enjoy mountain biking in Chattanooga. With more than 100 miles of singletrack within 20 minutes of downtown, cyclists have plenty of options for enjoying some of the best mountain biking in the southeast.

  18. Chattanooga Underground: Explore These Amazing Caves

    The Chattanooga area is home to more than 7,000 caves, and many are excellent places to explore. Get muddy on a wild cave adventure or take a guided walking tour to see an underground waterfall at these top underground destinations.

  19. Dog-Friendly Adventures in Chattanooga

    Bring along your four-legged friend on your next trip to Chattanooga. With dog-friendly parks and restaurants—plus endless hiking trails to explore—the Scenic City is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway with the family pet.

  20. The Five Best Cities to Visit in Morocco (and What Makes Each one Special)

    Long-considered the gateway to Africa, Morocco features cities that are a true fusion of European, African, and Middle Eastern heritage. Visit Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes, and Rabat to get an impressive overview of this unique country.

  21. A Foodie's Guide to Exploring Morocco

    A longtime crossroads for the African, Islamic, and Mediterranean worlds, Morocco features traditional recipes that draw influence from around the region.

  22. A Country of Contrasts: A Lay of the Land Overview from Coast to Desert

    With iconic surf beaches, rugged mountain scenery, and a sliver of the vast Sahara Desert, Morocco’s landscape is varied and dramatically scenic—and the perfect place for an adventure traveler to explore.

  23. 8 Amazing Memory-Makers of Morocco

    From sweeping mountain vistas and wind-sculpted sand dunes to exotic souks and Mediterranean beaches, Morocco is an unexpected land of contrasts. Here are some of the must-visit locations to explore.

  24. 10 Reasons Why Morocco Should Be at the Top of Your Adventure Travel Bucket List

    Whether you're looking to sail on a blue ocean, scaling a high peaks, or traveling by camel in the desert moonlight, Morocco is filled places for outdoor adventure in addition to the historic cities and inviting people.

  25. The 10 Best Weekend Backpacking Trips in Tennessee

    Surrounded by no fewer than three national forests to the south and east (plus the Great Smoky Mountains) Tennessee is a backpacker’s paradise, with a backcountry trip to suit every experience level.

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