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  1. Thunder Rock 100: A True Test for Chattanooga’s Ultrarunners

    The Thunder Rock 100 trail race starts at high noon Friday, May 16th and it's going to be an epic affair, especially for first timers.

  2. The 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge: Chattanooga's Two-Wheeled Tradition

    For the 28th year running, the heralded 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge returns to Chattanooga, and should feature a nice mix of the old and the new.

  3. 4 Awesome (and Inexpensive) Spring Break Trips in the Southeast

    Spring break doesn't have to mean "spring break". Here's a guide to some of the Southeast's more adventurous (and less expensive) spring break alternatives.

  4. How Rave Parties Are Raising Money for Climbing Conservation

    The story of how grassroots partying and the art of getting rowdy are stimulating climbing conservation projects in the Southeast.

  5. Hang Out With RootsRated This Summer

    Adventure, explore, and talk shop with the RootsRated Road Tour Team.

  6. Trip Report: Raccoon Mountain Perimeter Loop

    Rock/Creek's Jeremy Parker gives the lowdown on trail running the Raccoon Mountain Perimeter Loop, a 13 mile route 10 minutes from downtown.

  7. The Amazing Story of Lookout Mountain's Forgotten Incline Railway

    Harriet Whiteside was one of the richest people in Chattanooga, and the legacy of her controversial railway still shapes Lookout Mountain to this day.

  8. The Bluff Trail

    Towering sandstone cliffs, magnificent views, geological curiosities, and nature intertwined: this is Lookout Mountain's Bluff Trail.

  9. Lookout Mountain and the Battle that Shaped Chattanooga

    Lookout Mountain may be a peaceful retreat today, but the Civil War battle that took place there 152 years ago still resonates.

  10. Insider's Guide to Bonnaroo 2014

    For the 13th year in a row, Bonnaroo will make an appearance in the rural town of Manchester. Here's the Insider's Guide to Bonnaroo 2014.

  11. Historic Chickamauga Features Small-Town Charm and Outdoor Fun

    Historic Chickamauga, Georgia, just a 30-minute drive from Chattanooga, offers a quaint escape with plenty of outdoor space to explore.

  12. Exploring Chattanooga’s History by Paddling Lookout Creek

    A paddling trip on Lookout Creek is a great way to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

  13. Chattanooga's Hogskin Loop: An Easy Escape Along North Chickamagua Creek

    Featuring plunge pools, rockhouses, and mine relics, the Hogskin Loop is a short, low commitment trail that offers easy exploration along the North Chickamauga Creek Gorge.

  14. Hiking to Edwards Point: One of Chattanooga's Best Day Hikes

    Arguably the most iconic hike in Chattanooga, here's a step-by-step guide to getting to Edwards Point from Signal Point.

  15. How to Spend Memorial Day Weekend in the Southeast

    Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Here are 4 of our suggestions on how to spend an adventurous Memorial Day weekend in the Southeast.

  16. Tennessee Valley Canoe Club Fights to Keep Chattanooga’s Rivers Open to Paddlers

    The Tennessee Valley Canoe Club gets first-timers on the water while working to keep Chattanooga’s rivers open to paddlers.

  17. Endless Wall Trail: Best Hike in the New River Gorge?

    Voted "Best National Park Hike" in 2015 by USA Today, the Endless Wall Trail features breathtaking views of the New River Gorge....but does it really live up to its reputation?

  18. A Conversation with Swim the Suck Competitor Kent Nicholas

    We sat down with Swim the Suck competitor Kent Nicholas to discuss his pre-race traditions, his thoughts on Chattanooga as a city, and his race expectations.

  19. A Conversation with 5-Points 50 Rider Lisa Randall

    We sat down with Lisa Randall — a tough-as-nails rider and 5-Points 50 rider — to discuss her passion for mountain biking and her favorite aspects of racing in Chattanooga.

  20. Conquerors of the Useless

    Bears, beers, and bonding, the real-life experiences of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail southbound.

  21. An Accomplished Marathon Swimmer and Swim the Suck Competitor: Kent Nicholas

    When Kent Nicholas signed up for Swim the Suck last year, it was because the event had everything he was looking for. Now, he's returning for more.

  22. A Tough-As-Nails Rider and 5-Points 50 Racer: Lisa Randall

    Lisa Randall is not your average rider; she is a tough-as-nails, veritable badass who prefers her singletrack to be as technical and demanding as it can get.

  23. StumpJump 2014

    To kick off this year's month long RiverRocks festival in Chattanooga, the Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k & 11-miler, now in its thirteenth year, will see about 500 amateur and professional athletes take to the trails to test their mettle.

  24. Hiking to Hemlock and Cherokee Falls: North Georgia’s 2-for-1 Waterfall Special

    Located in North Georgia's Cloudland Canyon, Hemlock and Cherokee Falls are two breathtaking waterfalls that can be reached on one short hike.

  25. The Chattanoogans Have Spoken

    From sunset trail runs along the bluff of Lookout Mountain, to long scenic paddles down the Tennessee River – the City of Chattanooga has something to offer everyone. During the week...

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