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A ride out along this route gives you a good overview of the local landscape. You’ll start and end on two major highways but enjoy a good 10 miles of quiet in the middle.

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24.0 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

0.4 miles


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Time To Complete

2 hours

2-3 hours


Spring, Summer, and Fall

Late Spring-Early Fall

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This loop ride is accessible from pretty much anywhere in town. Start at Absaorka Bicycles and head east on the Greybull Highway (US HWY 14/16/20) for 12 miles then turn south through the Oregon Basin and return home via the Meeteetse Highway, WY 120. A good workout, some typical Wyoming scenery and wide shoulders are part and parcel in this ride.

What Makes It Great

This route is a good training road ride. You can go as fast as you want, pretty much as far as you want out east on the Greybull Highway, even fitting in a century if you’re ambitious enough to go clear to the small town of Greybull. Otherwise you can ride out to Eagle Pass, making it a 40 mile out and back. Or make the loop through Oregon Basin and return to Cody from the south. The 10 miles through Oregon Basin are on a paved, clean road. You might get passed by some oil field work trucks but generally there’s little traffic on this section.

There are lots of choices with this ride and you’ll get a good workout whichever direction you go as the wind will be blowing from somewhere. This is a good early morning or evening ride when the winds are generally less ferocious and great for folks without a lot of time.

Who is Going to Love It

If you get your kicks jumping on the seat and pedaling away the miles, then this is a great ride for you. It’s perfect for older kids who are up for a sustained challenge, but who need some scenery to help motivate them along. Although you won’t see high snowy peaks close to the road like the North Fork or South Fork rides, you’ll be able to watch the approach of the Big Horn Mountains to the east and observe the up and down results of the geologic forces which created Wyoming’s terrain. Pronghorn antelope, deer and eagles are often seen out here, and watch for members of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse herd on the scrappy lands to the north of the Greybull Highway.  

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From Cody, park at the bike shop and ride the entire loop or do a modified car shuttle. The seven miles from Cody south along WY 120 (Meeteetse Highway) are rough and rocky since this section of the road hasn’t been repaved for a number of years. Leave a car parked at the turn out to the Cody Landfill and save yourself some irritation and a possible blow out.  

Absaroka Bicycles is located at 2201 17th Street near the Albertsons Grocery Store. From here you’ll just turn your face to the rising sun and keep pedaling until you reach County Road 3FK, about 12 miles east. Turn right (south) on this paved road to CR 3EM. From there it’s another couple of to the Meeteetse Highway (WY-120). Turn right (north) and return the 13 miles to Cody or the 8 miles to the landfill road if you left a car.

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Oregon Basin

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