Tacos El Taconazo

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Tacos El Taconazo is a family run restaurant serving up the most authentic Mexican food in town.

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Leslie Tribble


Located on the west strip, Tacos El Taconazo is a bit of a hidden gem. Locals favor this Mexican restaurant, especially in summer when the downtown restaurants have diners stacked up on the sidewalk waiting to get in. Operated by Ildelfonso and Lourdes Hernandez, Tacos El Taconazo serves authentic dishes with fresh ingredients, including the salsa. Ildelfonso works his magic in the kitchen as chef, and you'll find Lourdes out bussing tables and chatting with customers. They pride themselves on providing excellent traditional Mexican fare as well as a comfortable, engaging atmosphere. 
Try the Pork Bistec Adobado or the Shrimp Chimichanga. Their Mexican Flag Sauce is a local favorite - green, red and white sauces all on one dish reminiscent of the country's flag. Also, don't leave without indulging in the mouth watering flan.

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Tacos El Taconazo

Cody, WY, 82414
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