Outdoor Stores in Colorado Springs, CO

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Colorado Springs Adventures

Whether summiting, cycling, day-hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, winter camping, or outdoor gaming in the awesome back country, Colorado is a lot of fun. It's more fun with others! Beautiful vistas, rugged terrain...
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North Colorado Springs Cyclists

The NCSC is a group of road and mtn cyclists that live and/or enjoy riding on the north side of COS. We are a fun group of people who love to ride, and many build friendships along the way. This is more a group of riders than a bike 'club' per se. We ride on roads and do single-track trails. We do not do paved 'trail' rides.
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Outdoor Club of Colorado Springs

Welcome to the OUTDOOR CLUB of Colorado Springs!! This group is for those interested in ALL types of outdoor activities and wish to ENJOY and SHARE those activities with others . . . regardless of your marital status! We will also provide events/activities for ALL skill levels, ALL days of the week . . . so sign up today! We plan to schedule outdoor activities in the following categories:  Hiking (Day Hikes, Moonlight Hikes and Walks Around Town)  Skiing (Downhill, Cross Country and Snowboarding)  Snowshoeing  Mountain Biking  Outdoor Sports (Volleyball, Softball)  Classes / Seminars relating to Outdoor Activities  SO MUCH MORE!!
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Community Climbing Club

This Meetup group intends to provide a platform for people to participate in donation based climbing clinics and other community climbing events.
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Rock Climbers of Colorado Springs

We are far and away the most active climbing meetup in CO! a group where local climbers can meet for fun, friendship and adventure; a place to find climbing partners and explore the great areas that Colorado has to offer. Whether you are an experienced climber rocking the sharp end, someone wanting to learn the sport, or anyone else in between, all skill levels are welcome!
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