Upper Cheyenne Canyon Tour

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Destination Distance From Downtown

8.1 miles


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Time To Complete

2 hours


This mountain bike ride starts above Cheyenne Canyon off of Gold Camp Road, and gives a nice tour of that area while hitting some of the classic trails.


Drive to Gold Camp Road from Colorado Springs.  There are many ways to access this road- check a map.  Drive west to the latitude/longitude points above- this is the parking lot for Captain Jacks, a popular trail for mountain bikes and dirt bikes.  The lot is just before a tunnel, and your ride will dump out here.  


Ride up Gold Camp road for a couple of miles until you reach another dirt parking lot at the top of Cheyenne Canyon.  This is the parking for Buckhorn, another popular trail.  Take the wide trail past a metal gate on the northwest side of the lot.  Follow this for a few minutes until you see a single track trail angling up and right.  It is easy to miss.  Take this trail up and up, it's a great climb.  When you get to a junction at a small saddle, hang a right.  You're almost at the top! Ride the roller coaster to the summit, and start the descent.  When you get to a road, cross it to the other side to continue the descent on Captain Jacks.  This trail is a fun roller coaster ride that will take you right back to your car.

This trail is technical in places and should only be attempted by intermediate or advanced mountain bikers.  Gold Camp Road and many roads in the area make for good beginner outings, but all of the single track trails in Colorado Springs have difficult and sometimes dangerous sections.

Good luck and have fun!

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Upper Cheyenne Canyon Tour

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