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  1. Free Falling in Williams Canyon

    The striated landscape of Williams Canyon is the perfect place for Colorado thrill-seekers to enjoy an adrenaline rush of massive proportions.

  2. Exploring the Paint Mines

    The Paint Mines, located just outside of Colorado Springs provide wonderfully colorful glimpses into a rich geological and cultural history of Colorado.

  3. UpaDowna

    Upadowna, a local group that originated from the phrase "Up a mountain, down a beer," is a Colorado Springs tradition for beer & runner-lovers.

  4. Historic Trails & Hidden Meadows

    The historic trails and hidden mountains of Colorado Springs' Cheyenne Mountain are certainly worth exploring and after years of hard work, now they can be.

  5. Treasure Hunt

    The ghosts of homesteaders and miners haunt Tarryall, Colorado. Many people capitalize on this rich history by geocaching and going on a treasure hunt.

  6. 6 Ways to Enjoy Pikes Peak

    Pikes Peak is the hulking mountain landmark of Colorado Springs. For many, it is a trail running, hiking heaven, but there are more ways than that to take it all in.

  7. Rolling with Al Brody

    Al Brody is a 55 year old retired veteran who currently spends any moment he gets in the outdoors. Whether it's cycling, paddling, or scrambling, this guy does it all.

  8. Colorado Springs Hikes with a Mission

    There are many different ways to go on a hike. In Colorado Springs, choose to go on hikes with a mission.

  9. 3 Great Big Sky Fishing Destinations

    Fly Fishing is a sport that elicits great reference for your natural surroundings. Here are 3 great Big Sky fishing destinations.

  10. Mountain Chalet

    Having opened their doors in 1968, Mountain Chalet is Colorado Springs' oldest outdoor retail shop, and they've been a central figure in the community for over 40 years.

  11. Pikes Peak Sports

    Pikes Peak Sports is always at the forefront for delivering up-to-the-minute news and coverage about races and events in the Pikes Peak region.

  12. For the Love of the Incline

    The infamous Incline in Manitou Springs, CO was finally designated an official trail last February, and has since become a local favorite among hikers and runners.

  13. Journey Racing

    There’s something about adventure racing. Something about the mud and the bugs, the slippery scree slopes, etc. that make it oddly addicting

  14. Rafting in Colorado's High Country

    With snowmelt from the mountains whitewater rafting in Colorado is a thrilling experience.

  15. Preserving the Freedom of Climbing in Colorado Springs

    With the incredible beauty of Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon, the preservation of rock climbing in Colorado Springs is high priority.

  16. Q&A with Local Legend Bill Beagle

    Bill Beagle is a Colorado Springs runner with a song in his heart -- and many miles on his legs!

  17. Sandi Yukman: Radiating Beyond the Run

    Sandi Yukman has given back to the Colorado Springs community in many ways. From fighting fires to saving trails, Sandi is a true model athlete.

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