Sarah Anne Perry

Atlanta, Birmingham, Knoxville

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  1. The Riverside - Climbing


    The Riverside boulders are a worthy destination for the Atlanta-area climber with a few hours to spare.

  2. Little River Canyon


    Two hours from Birmingham and one hour from Chattanooga, Little River Canyon is the Deep South's hidden gem for hard sport climbing.

  3. Del and Marte's Lilly Pad Campground


    Del and Marte's Lilly Pad is the campground of choice for Obed climbers and their dogs.

  4. The Organic Growth of Del and Marte's Lilly Pad Campground


    Located in the heart of the Obed, the Lilly Pad Campground offers a camping experience unlike any other—with plenty of tent sites, an onsite brewery, a general store, and an unbelievably friendly and communal atmosphere.