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Flagstaff, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Kaibab National Forest, Heber Valley, Park City, Salt Lake City, Grand Canyon National Park, Santa Barbara

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  1. Fay Canyon - Hiking


    Fay Canyon is an easy hike overlooking Sedona, in the Secret Canyon Wilderness. Look for a natural arch and man-made ruins.

  2. Oak Creek - White Water Paddling


    Oak Creek is Flagstaff's backyard whitewater run for intermediate to experienced paddlers.

  3. Aspen Corner


    High-elevation single track through brilliant aspens and alpine scenery

  4. Bismarck Lake Trail


    Short, easy trail to a marshy lake near the San Francisco Peaks.

  5. Butler Road


    Butler Road provides an easy bike commute across town

  6. High Country Trail


    Kid-friendly, paved multi-use trails through a neighborhood and forest

  7. Schnebly Hill


    2-track downhill ride with sweeping views, options for single-track loops on slickrock

  8. Schultz Creek Trail


    Popular local hiking/mountain biking near Flagstaff that is part of a larger trail system.

  9. Fatman's Loop - Trail Running


    Fatman's Loop is short and runner-friendly with views of East Flagstaff.

  10. Buffalo Park - Road Running


    Community park with a wide multi-use trail and fitness stations.

  11. Soldier's Trail Running


    Soldier's Trail in Fort Tuthill County Park makes a good trail run or family-friendly mountain bike ride

  12. Where to Find the Darkest Skies Near the Grand Canyon

    Kaibab National Forest

    As we all know, the nighttime sky is full of stars. How many stars you can see is very dependent on where you are viewing them. If you are in an urban area with a lot of lights your chances of catching a glimpse of the Milky Way are next to zero. Ev...

  13. How to Avoid Crowds on Your Next Grand Canyon Vacation

    Kaibab National Forest

    Grand Canyon is one of the most visited national parks, and therefore one of the most crowded. Though the landscape attracts precisely because of its overwhelming scale, crowds are funneled into just a few relatively ...

  14. Heber Valley — Where Families Gather to Reunite

    Heber Valley, Park City

    Thousands of families come to the Heber Valley for snow sports in winter, water sports in summer, and for sightseeing year-round—and it's an excellent spot for planning a family reunion.

  15. 6 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City

    Here are six of the top spots around Salt Lake City for taking wow-worthy pictures,

  16. 6 Amazing Running Trails Near (but not in) the Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon National Park

    With Shady pines, rolling terrain, and incredible canyon, here's a rundown of some of the best running trails near the Grand Canyon.

  17. Elden Lookout Trail - Hiking


    Classic Flagstaff trail; short and steep to the summit.

  18. Freidlein Prairie Dispersed Camping


    Beautiful campsites with no fee, just off of Snowbowl road.

  19. Gloria's - Climbing


    Gloria's offers great bouldering at the base of Mount Elden, close to Flagstaff neighborhoods.

  20. Inner Basin Trail - Hiking


    Hiking through Arizona's alpine forest on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff.

  21. Lava Tubes - Hiking


    The Lava Tubes, just outside of Flagstaff, offer an underground cave hike that's suitable for people of all ages.

  22. Paradise Forks (The Forks) - Climbing


    Intense, traditional climbing spot south of Williams, Arizona.

  23. O'Leary Peak Trail - Hiking


    This challenging hike to the top of O'Leary Peak will reward you with great views of the San Francisco Peaks.

  24. Sunset Crater-Wupatki Loop - Cycling


    An epic loop through two national monuments.

  25. Abineau/Bear Jaw Loop - Hiking


    Abineau/Bear Jaw Loop is a colorful hike on the north side of the San Francisco Peaks.