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  1. Minneapolis Underwater


    Minneapolis has, for the most part, grown used to Mother Nature and her constant curve balls, but recent summer rains have flooded many favorite local trails.

  2. Northstar Rising


    Bell Canoes are back under the new name of, Northstar, and they're as timeless, classic and durable as ever, perfect for the Boundary Waters.

  3. River Sports Owner is Knoxville's Outdoor Ambassador


    River Sports Outfitters owner, Ed McCallister, is known by many as Knoxvilles outdoor ambassador. Once a recreational canoeist, he has now become...

  4. ArtCrank


    ArtCrank uses creativity and art to change the way people think about cycling and biking in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

  5. Outdoor Divas: Serving Outdoorsy Women in Boulder

    Outdoor Divas, in Boulder, CO, is the first women-specific specialty outdoor retail store, and it's earned a very loyal following because of its devotion to quality.

  6. Austin’s Backwoods


    Austin's Backwoods is an outdoor gear and apparel retailer

  7. The Fascinating History of Skinny Skis in Jackson

    Jackson Hole

    Skinny Skis is celebrating it's 40th anniversary and forty years of powering outdoor recreation in Jackson, WY.

  8. Ironman in April


    Minnesota Ironman bike tour 2014

  9. Try Fly


    In April, Patagonia will launch Try Fly for Simple Fly Fishing in Minneapolis, geared toward teaching people how to learn the sport.

  10. Rod Johnson & Midwest Mountaineering


    Rod Johnson founded Midwest Mountaineering in 1971, & for more than 40 years he's worked to bring the best outdoor gear to the Twin Cities.

  11. 30 Days of Biking


    30 Days of Cycling was founded in Minneapolis to motivate local riders to make a pledge to ride every day in April.

  12. Mammoth Gravel Classic


    The Mammoth Gravel Classic is an endless network of gravel roads, and for race rounder Frank Lundeen, it's unadulterated advernture.

  13. SXSW


    RootsRated presents a collection of recreation activities recommended by local experts who live and breathe in Austin’s outdoor parks and trails every day.

  14. Snow Motion


    Fat Bikes are the perfect way to explore Minneapolis during its long, snowy winters.

  15. Winged Foot Club Embraces the Cold


    Some of the hardiest runners in North America, the Winged Foot Club runs the Twin Cities' trails regardless of polar vortex temperatures.

  16. The Brutal Arrowhead Ultra 135


    135 miles of freezing winds and deep snow test the limits of cold weather athletes in one of the world's great endurance events.

  17. Great Outdoor Provision Co. Gets Thousands Hiking

    In Charlottesville, Great Outdoor Provision Co. has the best product collections, apparel, and gear for all kinds of outdoor pursuits.

  18. Great Outdoor Provision Co. Raleigh Cameron Village

    Great Outdoor Provision Co. is not just a gear store or a lifestyle store. The store has product collections to meet almost every need.

  19. Shenandoah Joe Coffee

    With locations in Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, Va., Shenandoah Joe Coffee has expanded from a small roastery into a local favorite with a menu that boasts specialty espresso drinks and coffee.

  20. Q&A with San Francisco Runner Blane Bachelor

    San Francisco

    Blane Bachelor, San Francisco runner, talks about her commitment to the sport and what makes California a runner's paradise.

  21. Q&A with Ultra Runner Kurt Decker


    Minneapolis based runner Kurt Decker talks about his love of trails and why he runs outdoors in the Minnesota winter!

  22. Q&A with Mackenzie Lobby Havey


    New Balance and RootsRated have teamed up to profile runners making a difference in their communities. We asked each of our runners a series of questions to learn a little more about what running means to them, where they like to run, and what a...

  23. Zach Andrews: Running is an Adventure


    A former collegiate baseball player and member of a band, Zach Andrews is now an accomplished Alabama ultra runner.

  24. Minnesotan Caitlin Gregg Wins Bronze at World Championships


    Caitlin and Brian Gregg measure success in a different way. Giving back to their community means as much as Olympic medals.

  25. Fort Snelling State Park - Snowshoeing


    Fort Snelling State Park is located in the Mississippi River Sandplains Landscape Region at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. The park lies just a few miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. A freeway exchange carries hundreds of thousands of cars past the park’s entrance. But once at the trailhead, the hectic pace of modern civilization fades to a quiet peaceful natural setting.