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  1. Paddling Arkansas's Buffalo River in Winter


    Beat the summer crowds on the world-class Buffalo River with a multi-day winter kayak tour, plus some of the best hikes in northwest Arkansas!

  2. Introduction to Pisgah - Mountain Biking


    While there are no truly “beginner” mountain bike rides to be had in the Pisgah National Forest, this combination of Black Mountain, Sycamore Cove and North Slope is one of the best Pisgah loops for first-timers. It’s a classic warm-up for those who’ve already spun their cranks at DuPont or Bent Creek.

  3. Kitsuma - Mountain Biking


    The legendary Kitsuma downhill is worth all the climbing at the beginning of this loop ride; it's one of the best mountain bike descents in the Pisgah National Forest.

  4. Snake Creek Gap / Pinhoti - Mountain Biking


    The Pinhoti Trail from Snake Creek Gap to Dug Gap is rugged and challenging on a mountain bike. It's one of the best MTB trails near Chattanooga.

  5. Stringers Ridge Mountain Biking


    Unprecedented proximity to densely forested mountain biking, just minutes from downtown.

  6. Visiting Damascus, Virginia? Bring your Mountain Bike!


    Long overshadowed by the Appalachian Trail and Virginia Creeper, the Iron Mountain Trail is begging to be ridden.

  7. Kickstart Your Earned Media Success With A Paid Media Strategy

    If you want to boost traffic to your content, be sure to start with a paid media strategy.

  8. East Tennessee's Forgotten Mountain Biking Destination


    At the western edge of the Cherokee National Forest, the Chilhowee Recreation Area quietly boasts some of the best mountain biking near Chattanooga. So, why is no one there?

  9. Endless Wall Trail: Best Hike in the New River Gorge?


    Voted "Best National Park Hike" in 2015 by USA Today, the Endless Wall Trail features breathtaking views of the New River Gorge....but does it really live up to its reputation?

  10. There are No "Secret Spots"


    A manifesto for informed outdoor recreation on public land.

  11. Good Times & Bad Luck: A Pisgah Mountain Biking Adventure


    Weekend warriors need equal parts good beta and good luck. Let’s start there. We’re not professional mountain bikers. We have real jobs, wives, houses. When I floated the idea of meeting in Brevard, NC for a weekend of mountain biking, it wo...

  12. Save the Pinhoti Trail -- from Unauthorized Modifications


    Someone is intentionally dumbing down the Georgia Pinhoti Trail's most challenging, technical rock features. Why?

  13. 4 Wonderful Waterfalls Near Chattanooga


    Chattanooga is home to a large number of pristine and powerful waterfalls, but these four simply should not be missed.

  14. Tsali - Mountain Biking


    Narrow, fast singletrack winding along the shores of Fontana Lake. An absolute classic, and some of the flowiest mountain bike trail in Western North Carolina.

  15. Magnificent 7 - Mountain Biking


    The Mag 7 trail system is located just west of Moab. Highlights include Bull Run, Arth's Corner and Gold Bar Rim.

  16. The Curious Case of Dolly Sods Wilderness

    Clearcut, burned and shelled... now a beautiful wilderness area? Dolly Sods is a unique high-elevation plateau, and it's worth visiting.

  17. Mountain Biking at Joshua Tree? Exploring the Desert View Conservation Area

    Joshua Tree National Park

    Just outside Joshua Tree National Park, you'll find this small cluster of excellent mountain bike trails with no signs, no parking lot and no crowds.

  18. Why National Monuments Matter: A Call for Public Comments


    The Trump Administration has ordered an unprecedented "review" of dozens of U.S. National Monuments, seeking to roll back federal protection for existing public lands. Here's why that would be a tragic and short-sighted decision.

  19. Snowshoeing in Mount Rainier National Park [Photos]


    If winter has you missing longer days and mountain hikes, strap on a pair of snowshoes and experience this majestic national park in the off-season, when it's covered in snow and devoid of summer crowds.

  20. A website blatantly plagiarized us. Here’s what they should have done instead.

    On first glance, it was clearly derivative ... but then we noticed sentences that were lifted verbatim.