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  1. The Best Way to See the City of Seattle


    The cycling community in Seattle is so strong, anyone visiting the city would miss a wonderful local experience if they didn’t rent a bike and see what it's all about.

  2. The Magic of New Mexico Part 1


    In Part 1 of a series, readers will learn about the magic of New Mexico and how to get the most out of Albuquerque.

  3. How to Start Sea Kayaking in Puget Sound


    Puget Sound can be a wonderful place to learn how to sea kayak; it's just about knowing the right tips on how to get started, and RootsRated brings you those tips.

  4. Round the Rock


    Round the Rock is the largest SUP event in the Pacific Northwest, and this September it returns with all the excitement and talent that it's become known for over the years.

  5. Ride the Hurricane


    The annual Ride the Hurricane bike ride in Washington Olympic Park is a great chance for cyclists to challenge themselves with the most spectacular of backdrops.

  6. Two Guys and an RV


    Tipit Designs is two guys and an RV functioning as a portable design studio. It’s nonstop adventure as they travel the country creating inspirational vinyl wall art.

  7. Bremerton Summer Brewfest


    For the second year running, the Bremerton Summer Brewfest will take place just outside Seattle, celebrating over 70 local Washington beers.

  8. 4 Places to Watch Fireworks on the 4th


    The Fourth of July calls for fireworks, and luckily, Seattle has plenty of great viewing destinations, so that you can really feel patriotic.

  9. Desert Hiking in Arizona

    Flagstaff, Seattle

    Who would want to visit the Arizona desert during the hot summer months? People who know about the crazy deals that exist here, of course.

  10. Longest Day of the Year, Least amount of Clothing


    Seattle celebrates the longest day of the year with the least amount of clothing at the Fremont Solstice Fair.

  11. Kaj Bune


    Kaj Bune is an adventurer, philosopher, and family man. His life has been a series of all these things converging.

  12. Northwest Paddling Festival


    The Northwest Paddling Festival will be held this May 9-10th on the Sammamish River in Issaquah.

  13. Ride & Tie


    Ride & Tie races? It’s a two person, one horse endurance race that combines the strength and agility of all three participants.

  14. Sunflower Trail Marathon


    The 34th Annual Sunflower Trail Marathon and Relay will be held this May in the stunning meadows of Methow Valley. You don't want to miss out on this.

  15. Rainier Film Festival


    The Rainier Film Festival on May 9-11, 2014 offers a screening venue for indie filmmakers and a great opportunity to get outside.

  16. Fly Fishing Made Easy In Seattle


    Inspired by traditional Japanese fly-fishing, Patagonia is launching a new product for tenkara fly-fishing.  Tenkara, meaning “from heaven” or “from the skies” evokes the meditative tone often associated with fly-fishing.  Its minimalist form is app...

  17. Fish & Fly


    A whole new meaning to the term, "fly fishing." With Orvis, you can quite literally fish & fly, taking a plane to very remote fishing areas in the Pacific Northwest.

  18. Graham Zimmerman


    Graham Zimmerman is one of the world's leading alpinists, & his climbing career is taking him all over the world.

  19. St. Patrick's Day Dash


    For thirty years, Seattle has celebrated its Irish heritage by running the annual St. Patrick's Day Dash.

  20. Ski to Sea


    One of the Pacific Northwest's most epic events, Ski to Sea takes participants from Mount Baker to the coast, running, skiing, and paddling.

  21. Seattle Bike-n-Brews


    Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike-n-Brews ride combines two of Seattle’s favorite things, handcrafted beer and a fun bike ride. It’s a flat cruiser-friendly urban route that finishes with live...

  22. Chasing Snow


    The Outdoor Research Tiny House Tour is on the road again. For the third consecutive winter Outdoor Research ambassadors Molly Baker...

  23. Life with WeaselMouth


    Have you ever wished you could just leave everything behind and take off to experience life unfettered by possessions and the daily grind? It can be done. A life changing Mexican vacation was the impetus for Tiffani and Deke Waters to revamp their l...

  24. Charlie Williams


    I run to find out how fast I can be. I run to find out how tough I am. An interview with one of Seattle's finest distance runners.

  25. Chilly Hilly


    Organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club, thousands of cyclists converge on Bainbridge Island for a 33-mile ride, followed by free hot chili.