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  1. Thru-Hiking the Pinhoti Trail: 7 Insider Tips for Alabama's Premier Trail


    Insider tips on thru-hiking the Pinhoti Trail, which stretches 171 miles across Alabama and one of the best adventures in the South.

  2. Disc Golf in Huntsville: 4 Cool Courses to Check Out


    Disc golf in Huntsville debuted some 40 years ago. Today, enthusiasts have plenty of great spots to check out.

  3. 7 Tips for Buying Hiking Shoes & Boots

    If you’re gearing up for an Alabama fall hike, it's important to invest in a good pair of shoes or boots.

  4. 10 Great Greenways in Huntsville and Madison to Check Out Now


    Looking for a convenient way to get outside around Huntsville and Madison? More than 30 miles of greenways are just the spot.

  5. Going Old School on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

    Gulf Shores, Mobile

    The less-developed Fort Morgan peninsula offers travelers a taste of what the Gulf Coast was like decades ago.

  6. 6 Reasons to Take a Mountain Biking Skills Course


    Mountain biking skills camps in Alabama make riders more confident and safe.

  7. Cozy Winter Retreats: A Guide to the Best Cabins in Alabama


    Winter is the perfect time to cozy up inside; here, some of the best cabins in Alabama.

  8. How to Make A Backcountry Thanksgiving Feast


    Folks headed to the backcountry for Thanksgiving can feast on turkey and all the trimmings.

  9. Geocaching in Alabama: On the Trail of the Jolly Green Giant


    Geocaching in Alabama is a unique and rewarding way to experience the outdoors. Here's what you need to know.

  10. A Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Weekend in Huntsville


    Make the most of an outdoorsy weekend in Huntsville and its revitalized adventure scene, in the water, on the trails, and in the bars.

  11. The Best State Parks in Alabama (and Some Amazing Wilderness Areas, Too)


    Alabama may not have any national parks, but it's full of wonderful wilderness areas. Here, a rundown of the best state parks in Alabama.

  12. Biking and Camping on the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trails

    Birmingham, Montgomery

    How to pull off a multi-day biking and camping trip on the paved Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails stretching from Georgia to Alabama.

  13. 5 Unique Spots to Grab Food and Drinks in Huntsville


    These five unique spots to grab food and drinks in Huntsville include a middle school, mill, and old school bus that have been transformed.

  14. 7 Tips for Winter Hammock Camping

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Expert advice to keep you toasty in your hammock during cold winter nights.

  15. 4 Rookie Mistakes Made by First-Time Backpackers

    Avoid these rookie mistakes to better enjoy your first backpacking trip.

  16. 5 Ways to Beat the Cold on Winter Hikes

    Follow these expert tips to remain warm and comfortable on Alabama trails in winter.

  17. The Best Trail to Tavern Pairings in Huntsville


    From Huntsville trails you only have to drive a few minutes to explore the city's booming craft beer scene.

  18. 5 Backpacking Skills to Master in the New Year

    Make this the year you dial-in your pack and learn map skills, knots, first aid and fire building.

  19. The Ultimate Alabama Bucket List for Fall: 13 Must-Do Autumn Adventures

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    Hikes through spectacular foliage, cave tours, and fantastic festivals should all be on any Alabama bucket list in fall.

  20. 6 Tips for a Better Ski Vacation

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    To make the most of your vacation, use helpful services, build a smart itinerary, and protect yourself from the elements.

  21. A Beginner's Guide to Camping Gear

    Nine essential pieces of camping equipment that you shouldn’t leave home without.

  22. A Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Weekend in Florence AL


    Its Italian sister might have serious arts cache, Florence AL has plenty for adventurers. Here's how to do an outdoorsy weekend in Florence.

  23. A Guide to a Cullman Summer Outdoor Getaway


    The formerly dry town beckons with hiking and biking trails, plus new options for post-adventure pints. Here's how to do a weekend in Cullman.

  24. Where to Paddleboard in Alabama: 5 Sweet SUP Spots


    From spots on the Gulf Coast to pristine lakes, here's a handy guide on where to paddleboard in Alabama.

  25. Rappelling in Fort Payne: Taking Adventure to New Heights


    Rappelling in Fort Payne provides a great way for Alabama adventures to take things to new heights.