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Birmingham, Huntsville, Gulf Shores, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Knoxville, Rogers, Northwest Florida

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  1. Insider’s Guide to Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area


    Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area is a vast, lush, and welcoming wilderness retreat in northwest Arkansas. Our guide explores the best places to immerse yourself in this unique and special region.

  2. An Adventure-Filled Weekend in Southeast Alabama's Coosa County

    Birmingham, Gulf Shores

    Despite its low profile, Coosa County offers excellent trails for hiking and superb creeks for kayaking and canoeing.

  3. Insider Tips for Your First Backpacking Trip

    Has a backpacking trip long been on your bucket list? Here, insider tips to make this overnight adventure a reality.

  4. 10 Great Outdoor Date Ideas in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    Forget dinner and a movie—Alabama's great outdoors provides some great date ideas. Here, 10 to try.

  5. Public Lands Take Center Stage in Tourism Promotion

    Destination marketers can't underestimate the power of public land for driving tourism.

  6. 5 Tips to Ward Off Ticks During Spring in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    During spring hikes in Alabama, follow these tips to prevent tick bites.

  7. 5 Alabama Mountain Bike Trails Great for Beginners

    Birmingham, Tuscaloosa

    Alabama has several mountain bikes trails designed to help beginners ease into the sport and build their skills and confidence. Here, 5 recommended picks.

  8. Outlaw Hideouts, Hidden Passageways, and Primeval Landscapes: Discovering the Secrets of Dismals Canyon


    This natural playground is full of Native American history and once served as an outlaws' hideout. It's now a must-do hike in Alabama.

  9. The Boom of Birmingham Trail Running


    In recent years, Birmingham has become a hub for trail running in the South. We take a closer look at this exciting trend.

  10. A Beginner's Guide to Paddle Boarding on the Florida Panhandle

    Northwest Florida

    A stand-up paddleboard is a great way to enjoy the water on Florida's Panhandle. Here's everything you need to know to get out on the water.

  11. The Ultimate Alabama Road Trip: 7 Days of Adventure Across the Yellow Hammer State

    Birmingham, Gulf Shores, Huntsville, Montgomery

    From the sparkling waters of the Gulf to the state's highest peak, here's how to map out the ultimate Alabama road trip.

  12. A Fictional Town, an Abandoned Movie Set, and Serene Wilderness: Exploring Spectre and Jackson Lake Island


    Just outside Montgomery is a wilderness oasis on the Jackson Lake Island—as well as a eerie, abandoned movie set. Here's how to explore Spectre and its environs.

  13. Heroes on the Water: Kayak Fishing Programs Help Heal Wounded Veterans in Alabama

    Heroes on the Water kayak fishing programs in Alabama help military veterans heal from post-traumatic stress.

  14. Tips on Hiking with Dogs in Alabama

    Birmingham, Gulf Shores, Huntsville

    Here are expert tips on hiking with dogs in Alabama, plus several great pet-friendly trails.