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  1. 5 Things You Should Know About the Zika Virus

    Scientists are learning more about the Zika virus every day, and how to protect against it. Here are 5 things you should know about the virus.

  2. Zika Virus: How it Affects You and How to Protect Yourself

    Zika Virus: How it Affects You and How to Protect Yourself

  3. How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Without Using Bug Spray

    How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Without Using Bug Spray

  4. How to Prevent Mosquito Bites: The Best Ways to Protect Yourself

    If you live for the outdoors, you accept, even prefer, a certain level of discomfort. Here are some of the best ways to prevent mosquito bites: one of the biggest nuisances of all.

  5. 4 Things to Know About the Aedes Aegypti: The Mosquito that Carries Deadly Diseases


    With the Zika virus reaching the U.S., here's what you need to know about the mosquito that's most likely responsible for the outbreak.

  6. With Zika in Florida, How Do You Protect Yourself?


    Cases of the Zika virus in Florida are cause for concern as the mosquito-bourne virus can lead to devastating health issues.

  7. The 10 Best Hikes in Wisconsin


    Hiking in Wisconsin? Home to a full spectrum of seasons, bucolic rural landscapes, and the 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail, it's actually an amazing place to go hiking. Here are 10 of the best hikes in the state.

  8. Wild River Outfitters Sets Itself Apart in Virginia Beach

    David Gracie’s dream to become a whale trainer didn’t come true. But by not getting the marine mammal internship at the Virginia Aquarium in his hometown of Virginia Beach, VA, but instead, working there in environmental education from 2006 to 2011,...

  9. Rock On: The 5 Best Southeast Music Festivals

    Birmingham, Chicago, Nashville

    Plan out festival season with this guide to the best Southeast music festivals, from the rock of Bonnaroo to the soul of Shaky Knees.

  10. How to Clean Your Chaco Sandals


    This beloved footwear puts in major miles on dusty trails, roaring water, and rugged terrain. Here, insider tips on how to clean your Chacos.

  11. High Country Outfitters Grows and Evolves in Atlanta


    “I worked at the store since I was little, as soon as I could run a vacuum cleaner,” John Sloan said, tracing his history with High Country Outfitters in Atlanta, GA. Now 30 years old and general manager, Sloan described the company’s recent “mega g...

  12. Outside Hilton Head Helps Customers Get Out

    Hilton Head

    The flagship store for Outside Hilton Head (OHH), at the Plaza in Shelter Cove on Hilton Head Island, SC, is even busier than it looks. While rental kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and b...

  13. Walkabout Outfitter Supports Active Lifestyles in Virginia


    According to store lore, it was no less than the pursuit of romance and adventure that led Kirk and Tina Miller to open the first of five Walkabout Outfitter in Virginia. Kirk, an Eagle Scout-cum-civil engineer, completed a thru hike of the Appalach...

  14. Travel Country Stays Local in Central FL


    Mike Plante credits the summers he spent with this family on the road in a motorhome for his love of the outdoors. “I snored a lot, so typically I was sleeping in a tent most nights. We all spent a lot of time sitting around campfires,” reca...

  15. An Insider’s Guide to Death Valley National Park

    Dry, dusty, remote... but ah, oh so beautiful. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this rugged national park.