Rashael Parker

Sacramento, Lake Tahoe

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  1. Cardiac Hill - Hiking


    Cardiac Hill, in Auburn, California lives up to its name as it drops sharply through a series of switchbacks to a rocky bend in the American River. The hike down is a breeze, but the haul back up, will get your heart pumping.

  2. Stevens Trail - Hiking


    What was once a toll path connecting two gold rush communities is now a popular weekend trail to escape the city and get a taste of what made the West so wild.

  3. Trainer Hill - Hiking/Trail Running


    Auburn's Trainer Hill is a dog of a climb and appropriately named for whipping rears into shape.

  4. Horsetail Falls - Hiking

    Lake Tahoe

    A spillway of snowmelt from the peaks of Desolation Wilderness, Horsetail Falls is fullest in late spring/early summer. Crossing large granite boulders and walking beneath fragrant pines, the hike to Horsetail falls has something for everyone.

  5. Zim Zim Falls - Hiking


    Recently made accessible to the public, the day hike to Zim Zim Falls offers solitude and untouched California habitats.