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  1. How to Plan a Menu for a Long Distance Backpacking Trip

    If you’re planning your first long distance backpacking trip, you’ll want to spend some time considering what to eat, how much, and when. Here's how.

  2. Visiting Goldmyer Hot Springs: Western Washington's Natural Spa


    After decades of neglect and overuse, Goldmyer Hot Springs today is a tiny, steaming oasis in the middle of Western Washington's temperate rainforests.

  3. 10 Amazing (and Attainable) Thru-Hikes Across the Country

    Don't have time for a 4-6 month thru-hike? Here are 10 amazing thru-hikes across the country that can all be done in a month or less.

  4. How to Thru-Hike the Enchantments Without an Overnight Permit


    Welcome to the Enchantments, arguably the most coveted, and highly regulated, backpacking destination in Washington—where you need a nearly-impossible-to-acquire overnight permit to explore....Or do you?

  5. 93 Miles Around Mount Rainier: How to Thru-Hike the Wonderland Trail

    Rainier National Park

    Planning a thru-hike of the Wonderland Trail? Here's your guide to Mount Rainier National Park's most epic and all-encompassing footpath.

  6. 7 Awesome Camping Recipes

    There’s no disputing that summer’s long days are best spent hiking and camping in America’s great outdoors. But when the day wanes and the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to build up the campfire and settle in...

  7. 6 Days, 80 Miles: Backpacking a Wild Section of the Pacific Northwest Trail


    Weaving through Washington's Pasayten Wilderness, the Boundary Trail is an 80-mile section of the larger Pacific Northwest Trail, and it's highly worth the weeklong trip.

  8. Exploring Waipiʻo Valley: A Rarely-Visited Hawaiian Paradise on the Far Side of America's Steepest Road

    To access one of Hawaii's most legendary natural treasures, visitors need to travel over the steepest road in America. Here's what to know.

  9. Trekking Through One of the Least-Visited Regions of Mexico


    At 10,000 feet above sea level, the Sierra Norte of northern Oaxaca is one of the least-visited parts of Mexico. It's also an incredible spot to go backpacking.

  10. The Timberline Trail: Circumnavigating America’s Most Picturesque Peak


    Circumnavigating Mt. Hood over 40 miles, the Timberline Trail is one of Oregon's best backpacking trips. Here's the intel you need to hike it.

  11. Thru-Hiking With Your Significant Other: Tips on Staying Happy (and Together)

    Here, a firsthand look at the challenges (and joys) of thru-hiking with your significant other.