Jay Young

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  1. What makes the Gauley River’s Pillow Rock Rapid “The Best 10 Seconds in American Whitewater?”

    We were floating in a calm pool above Pillow Rock Rapid, one of the Gauley’s famed Big 5. Pillow Rock is the big dog, making it the wildest ride on one of the biggest whitewater rafting stages on Earth.

  2. Explore Hatfield & McCoy Lore and Country on the Water

    There’s a new way to explore America’s best-known family feud. We’re talking, of course, about the Hatfields and the McCoys.

  3. Surf's Up on West Virginia's Rivers

    You don't need an ocean to shred waves in WV. The New River Gorge is the East Coast’s hub for shredding the surf on wild river waves.