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  1. The Backbone Path: The Underrated Joys of Ridgeline Hikes

    Chicago, Portland, Yellowstone National Park

    Ridgeline hikes come with a special, if not understated, appeal: The joy of exploring the land from above, with never a doubt as which way to go.

  2. A Tour of the Snowiest Places in America

    Here, we take a look at some of America’s true snow factories, from the High Cascades to the Upper Midwest. Snow lovers, eat your hearts out!

  3. Wildlife Safety Guidelines: A Primer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

    The proximity to bears, bison, and snakes is part of the thrill of being in the outdoors. But savvy adventurers should follow proper wildlife safety guidelines.

  4. A Captivating Look at the "Big Four" North American Deserts


    A tour of the “Big Four” North American deserts, which together cover some 500,000 square miles—from the lonesome sagebrush backlands of Oregon and Nevada, down to the cactus groves of central Mexico.

  5. Finding Relief in Non-Mountain States: Rugged Hiking Where You’d Least Expect It

    Miami, Mobile, New Orleans, Providence

    You don't have to live in Colorado or California to enjoy rugged hiking. Here, some of the most underrated outings you can find in non-mountainous states.

  6. From the Titanic to the Twisted: A Guide to Some of America’s Best Old-Growth Hikes

    Congaree National Park, Everglades National Park, Olympic National Park, Portland, Seattle

    From 1,000-year-old specimens to century-old sentinels, old-growth trees add a mystical, almost reverent element to any adventure. Here, some of the best old-growth hikes in America.

  7. Pro Tips on Building the Perfect Campfire

    The campfire is a critical component of an overnight outdoors adventure. Here's how to build the perfect campfire.

  8. Insider's Guide to Mount Rainier National Park

    Rainier National Park

    Mount Rainier is a majestic mountain surrounded by some of America's most pristine and inviting wilderness.

  9. The Last Outbacks: Exploring Lower 48 Backcountries Where the American Frontier Held Out


    Outbacks aren't just reserved for Australia. The Everglades, Montana, and Wyoming are just a few of the last outbacks in the U.S., ripe for exploration.

  10. The Other Badlands: A Tour of American Badlands Beyond South Dakota

    Badlands National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    The South Dakota location might be the most well-known, but America's other badlands are equally worthy of exploration.

  11. Halloween Hikes: The Spookiest Trails in America

    Grand Canyon National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park

    From a bloody Civil War battlefield with the cries of ghostly soldiers to a chilling subterranean world, the tales on the spookiest trails in America are sure to quicken your pace.

  12. The Most Freakish Animal Noises You'll Hear in Nature

    From the iconic howl of a coyote to the terrifying shriek of the puma, these are the the most freakish animal noises you'll hear in nature.

  13. Insider's Guide to Everglades National Park

    Everglades National Park

    Everglades National Park in Florida is a large tropical wetland that is home to many endangered species, including the Florida panther

  14. Exploring the Wilderness Areas of Oregon's Coastal Mountains


    Take a north-to-south tour of Oregon's coastal wildernesses, which promise primal adventure within a stone’s throw (or two) of Highway 101 and the North Pacific breakers.

  15. National Parks Too Crowded? Visit These Nearby National Forests Instead

    National Parks crowded? Here's a broad-stroked roundup of glorious (and much less-crowded) national forests bordering 10 of America's most-visited national parks.

  16. An Ode to the Otherworldly Snowpeaks of the Pacific Northwest


    The High Cascade snowpeaks of the Pacific Northwest are unlike any other mountain range in the world. Here, we take a closer look and gain a deeper appreciation for these otherworldly peaks.

  17. The Gnarliest Canyons in America


    From the Appalachians to the Sierra Nevada, here's a look at some of the gnarliest canyons on the continent. What's your pick of the litter?

  18. The Lay of the Land: An Encompassing Overview of Olympic National Park


    From spruce rainforests to soaring mountain peaks, Olympic National Park is a place of spectacular ecological diversity. Here is an encompassing roundup of its basic natural geography.

  19. Where Wilderness Awaits: The 3 Biggest Roadless Areas in the Lower 48


    For wilderness-inclined backpackers, river runners, and other recreationists, these three roadless tracts—perhaps the largest in the U.S. between Canada and Mexico—are downright mouthwatering landscapes.

  20. The 10 Best Hikes in Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park

    From epic multi-day excursions to easy, iconic day hikes, here is a rundown of some of the very best hikes in Yellowstone National Park.

  21. Winter Stargazing: A Heads-Up Guide for Winter Campers and Backpackers

    From Orion to the Seven Sisters, here's what to look (up) for to get the best winter stargazing.

  22. Is Spring Here? Here's How to Tell from Nature's Cues and Clues

    Albuquerque, Denver/Boulder, Miami

    From the obvious (widespread snowmelt) to the obscure (like the flowering skunk-cabbage), here are the unmistakable signs of spring.

  23. The Wildest Seashores in America

    From the razorback cliffs of Hawaii's Na Pali Coast, to the timeless beauty of North Carolina's Outer Banks, here's your guide to some of America's wildest seashores.

  24. A Field Guide to Mountain Thunderstorms: Staying Safe in the High Country


    Mountains in summer are essentially storm nurseries—if you head above timberline, you need to be prepared and sufficiently humble. Here's how.

  25. 10 Must-Do Hikes in the Mountain West

    From sublime canyons, backcountry skylines, to alpine lakes, these must-do hikes in the Mountain West should be on any adventurer's bucket list.