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Northwest Florida, Birmingham, Orlando, State of Florida

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  1. Exploring the Rare Coastal Dune Lakes of Walton County, Florida

    Northwest Florida

    The panhandle of Florida is home to a rare global phenomenon called coastal dune lakes, offering unique ecosystems for hiking and paddling.

  2. Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail - Birding

    Northwest Florida

    From swampy cypress marshes to dune-protected beaches, the inhabitants of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail keep visitors immersed in the biological diversity of Northwest Florida.

  3. USS Oriskany - Diving

    Northwest Florida

    Stay close to the surface or dive the depths of this historical ship turned artificial reef.

  4. Eden Gardens - Paddling, Nature Walk

    Northwest Florida

    Enjoy camellias, butterfly gardens, and a picnic on the lawn of a historical mansion at Eden Gardens.

  5. Big Lagoon State Park - Hiking, Coastal Paddling

    Northwest Florida

    Paddle the serene saltwater marshes, keep a watchful eye for dolphins, and hike through sandy, wooded trails at Big Lagoon State Park.

  6. USS Massachusetts - Diving

    Northwest Florida

    Game fish, night dives, and shallow waters make the USS Massachusetts a dive to remember, and caution is paramount at this wreck turned reef.

  7. The Best Birmingham Restaurants for the Adventure-Minded Set


    The burgeoning food scene includes a bounty of spots perfect for a pre- or post-adventure bite. Here, the best Birmingham restaurants for outdoor lovers.

  8. Blackwater Heritage State Trail - Hiking, Cycling, Horseback Riding

    Northwest Florida

    This flat, shaded, paved pathway is perfect for riders, cyclists, skaters, walkers, and runners. Choose your distance and enjoy a day on the trail!

  9. Gulf Islands National Seashore - Cycling

    Northwest Florida

    Zip through sandy white dunes on this flat, speedy ride through the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

  10. Perdido River - Canoeing, Kayaking

    Northwest Florida

    The calm waters and wooded banks of the untouched Perdido River offer ample opportunity for adventure.

  11. Navarre Beach Marine Science Station - Snorkeling/Diving

    Northwest Florida

    The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station has it all---an education-geared pavilion, camps, community events, and three artificial reefs.

  12. BOTE Boards - Coastal Paddling

    Northwest Florida

    BOTE Boards, based out of Destin, FL, offers fun for water lovers and adventurers along the emerald green waters of the Florida Panhandle.

  13. Adventures Unlimited - Zip Lining, Canoeing

    Northwest Florida

    Zip line through pine trees, canoe along Coldwater Creek, and more at Adventures Unlimited in Milton, FL!

  14. Crab Island - Watersports

    Northwest Florida

    From floating bars to dolphin tours, Crab Island has something to offer for anyone who loves fun, sun, and crystal clear waters.

  15. 8 Unique Ways to Get Outdoors in the Greater Pensacola Area

    Northwest Florida

    The Florida Panhandle is renowned for emerald green waters and immaculate white sands, but the best kept secrets are what lie just beyond the public beaches. Here are eight of the best ways to get outdoors in the Greater Pensacola Area.

  16. An Insider's Overview of the Fishing Scene at the Emerald Coast


    Anglers travel to the Emerald Coast for a wide variety of incredible options—from bass and catfish in freshwater to trophy fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

  17. The Best Places to Spot Wildlife near Panama City Beach


    From the Gulf of Mexico to forest preserves, Panama City Beach offers lots of opportunities to spot animals in their natural habitat, including bald eagles, alligators, and bottlenose dolphins.

  18. Backpacking the Westernmost Section of the Florida Trail: A 32-Mile Trip Along a National Seashore

    Northwest Florida

    The 1,300-mile Florida Trail is an under-the-radar adventure awaiting in the Sunshine State. Here’s how to tackle the westernmost section.

  19. An Adventurer's Guide to the Perfect Weekend in Panama City Beach


    Hearty food, cold drinks, sugar-white sands, emerald-green waters, and thick, thriving forests are just some of the ways to enjoy a perfect weekend in Panama City Beach, Florida.

  20. Canoeing the Blackwater River: The Ultimate Northwest Florida Adventure


    Flowing from southern Alabama and through three Florida counties before reaching the Gulf of Mexico, the Blackwater River provides a quiet, shaded 56 miles through cypress swamps and pine forests, making it an ideal paddling destination.

  21. Panama City vs. Pensacola vs. Destin: What's the Best Beach Community in the Florida Panhandle?

    State of Florida

    Whether you're an adventurer, a lounger, a foodie, or a partier—or all of the above—you'll find a perfect vacation spot in Panama City, Pensacola, or Destin on the Florida Panhandle.

  22. 7 Interesting Things to Know about Northwest Florida


    The Florida Panhandle is known for its sugar-white beaches, emerald-green waters, but there's much more to the area to explore. Here are seven interesting things about Northwest Florida that you probably don't know.