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Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Jackson, Gulf Shores

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  1. A Classic Overnight Kayaking Trip on the Cahaba River

    Birmingham, Montgomery

    Kayaking and camping on the Cahaba, Alabama's longest unimpeded river.

  2. Trout Fishing on Alabama's Sipsey Fork


    The Sipsey Fork branch of Alabama’s Black Warrior River is a trout oasis for fishermen in the South.

  3. Why Winter is Best for a Trip to the Sipsey Wilderness

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    In the winter, Alabama's Sipsey Wilderness has fair temperatures, fewer bugs, green foliage and robust waterfalls.

  4. The 6 Best Kayaking Spots in Mississippi


    With a wealth of waterways snaking throughout the state, here's the lowdown on six of the best kayaking spots in Mississippi.

  5. 6 Top Fly Fishing Spots in Alabama

    Birmingham, Gulf Shores, Montgomery

    Anglers in Alabama can chase a wide spectrum of fish species, from sunfish to rainbow trout, bass, stripers and redfish.