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Lexington, Voyageurs National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park

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  1. West Pinnacle Trail - Hiking


    Since 1875 when students at Berea College started celebrating “Mountain Day” by hiking in the area, The Pinnacles have been a destination spot for hikers all from all over Kentucky.

  2. Lucy Braun Trail - Hiking


    Hike among the giants of one of only 13 large old-growth tracts remaining in the eastern United States on the Lucy Braun Memorial Trail at Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve.

  3. Honker Lake Trail - Hiking


    Grab your walking shoes and camera and head for the Honker Lake Trail, an easy loop trail that circumnavigates Honker Lake in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area near Kuttawa, KY.

  4. Central Hardwoods - Hiking


    Looking for family-friendly fun to hike or possibly bike ride? The Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail was designed with families in mind, with smooth surfaces, gentle grades and plenty of wildlife sightings.

  5. Pilot Knob - Hiking


    A local favorite, The Pilot Knob Trail features a brisk climb and spectacular views that can reach all the way to Lexington on a clear day.

  6. Prospector's Ridge - Hiking


    Take a drive along scenic country roads and switch back up the mountain for great day of hiking at Breaks Interstate Park in Breaks, Kentucky, sometimes called the “Grand Canyon of the South.”

  7. Red River - White Water Paddling


    Not for the faint of heart, the Upper Red River offers one of the most remote and worthwhile paddles in all of Eastern Kentucky.

  8. Red Trail - Hiking


    Bird songs and flower scented breezes aren’t expected within 15 miles of most major metropolitan cities, but that’s exactly what can be found at the Horine Reservation at Jefferson Memorial Forest.

  9. Insider's Guide to Redwood National Park

    The tallest trees on planet Earth stand tall at Redwood National Park. Come visit this enchanted park by the sea.

  10. Insider's Guide to National Park of American Samoa

    This island park is far from the rest of the USA, but an excellent destination filled with beauty and adventure.

  11. Insider's Guide to Crater Lake National Park

    Crater Lake is an incredible place, forged by volcanoes in the not-to-distant pass. Hike, bike, and ski around the namesake lake.

  12. Insider's Guide to Hot Springs National Park

    Hot Springs National Park's soothing waters have been used for centuries for healing purposes. Come see what awaits in the steamy pools!

  13. Insider's Guide to Voyageurs National Park

    Voyageurs National Park

    Travel the waterways that would define the rugged, rough, voyageurs who explored this land more than a hundred years ago.

  14. Insider's Guide to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers a glimpse at the subtle colors of nature twisted into rock formation, rugged canyons, and grasslands.

  15. Insider's Guide to Isle Royale National Park

    Isle Royale is an isolated, remote, beautiful eco-system located in the Great Lakes chain near mainland Michigan.

  16. Insider's Guide to Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    One of America's wildest parks, this is true backcountry wilderness where the adventurous can immerse themselves in nature.

  17. Insider's Guide to Mammoth Cave National Park

    Mammoth Cave National Park

    Explore's the world's largest known cave system in this amazing underground playground! There's much more here than meets the eye.

  18. High Rock Loop - Hiking


    Looking to add some “Wow” into your life? Then the High Rock Loop is the ticket. A waterfall and spectacular views can be combined with rocky scrambles for a full day adventure.

  19. Cadiz Railroad Trail - Hiking


    Grab the stroller, the dog, and little sense of history and hit the path through Cadiz, Kentucky. Whether just passing through town or living steps away, everyone is sure to find something to do on the Cadiz Railroad Trail.

  20. Overlook Trail - Hiking


    Over millions of years, the Russell Fork River cut a long gorge through the Pine Mountains of Appalachia, creating a little known natural wonder spanning parts of Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia.

  21. Yahoo Falls - Hiking


    Look up verdant in the dictionary and there could very well be a picture of Yahoo Falls, Kentucky. Located in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area this short hike is full of interesting features and it’s easy enough for the whole family.