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  1. The Top 6 Places to Swim in Heber Valley

    Heber Valley

    During the hot Utah summer, there's no better place than Heber Valley’s reservoirs, rivers, and thermal springs to take a dip and enjoy the water.

  2. 10 Tips from Locals on How to Make the Most of Your Time in Heber Valley

    Heber Valley

    Looking to explore one of the most beautiful sections of Utah? Take a look at these tips on how to make the most of a summer getaway to Heber Valley.

  3. To the Mountains and Back: 4 Easy Day Trips from Heber Valley

    Heber Valley

    Less than an hour from Salt Lake City, Heber Valley features a wide variety of day trips into the mountains, from an all-day trek up the towering Mount Timpanogos to a simple walk along the reservoir.

  4. The 7 Best Trail-to-Pub Pairings in Maine's Midcoast and Islands


    From a tiny farmhouse brewery in the woods to a rowdy bar with an oyster shell floor, there’s a Maine ale-and-trail experience for every kind of adventurer.

  5. Tips to Planning the Perfect Trip to Historic Park City (and Why You Should)

    Park City

    Park City, Utah, may be best known for its skiing, but this mountain town boasts more than 200 independent boutiques, diverse restaurants, and exceptional art galleries—and you won’t even need a car to explore it all.

  6. A Foodie's Guide to Historic Park City

    Park City

    Nestled between two world-class ski resorts near Salt Lake City, Park City is best known for its Olympic history and Sundance Film Festival. But in recent years, the town has also earned a reputation as a year-round hot spot for its fun, foodie culture.

  7. An Insider’s Guide to Historic Park City

    Park City

    Once a silver mining boomtown, Park City, Utah, has transformed into a world-class destination, with two mountain resorts, more than a hundred independent boutiques, diverse dining options, entertaining festivals, and year-round outdoor recreation.