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West Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Boise, San Francisco, Portland

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  1. Southwest Virginia’s Top Mountain Biking Destinations

    Southwest Virginia

    With rolling hills, rugged mountainsides, and tight singletrack, Southwest Virginia is filled with some of the best mountain biking in the state.

  2. A Climber’s Guide to Southwest Virginia

    Southwest Virginia

    Southwest Virginia boasts enough rock and route diversity to attract climbers of all styles and abilities. From mountain-top boulders to adventurous routes on the sandstone walls of a 1,600-foot deep gorge, you'll find some of the region's best climbing.

  3. Cathedral State Park - Hiking

    West Virginia

    This Natural National Landmark will thrill nature lovers, since it’s the largest remaining virgin timber tract in West Virginia, and has an ancient hemlock grove with trees up to 90 feet tall and 21 feet around.

  4. Dolly Sods Wilderness - Hiking

    West Virginia

    The crown jewel of the Monongahela National Forest has 17,371 acres, 47 miles of trails, and ecological diversity ranging from lush hardwood forests to bog and heath environs typical of Southern Canada.

  5. Upper Cheat River Water Trail- Flat Water Paddling

    West Virginia

    The Upper Cheat River Water Trail is northern West Virginia's aquatic playground.

  6. Try West Virginia’s “Epic” Mountain Biking Adventure for Yourself

    West Virginia

    Try West Virginia's “Epic” mountain biking adventure for yourself.

  7. The Many Moods of the Cheat River

    West Virginia

    The Cheat River is one of the longest free-flowing paddling destinations in the east, and northern West Virginia’s premier aquatic playground.

  8. From Alpine to High Desert: 10 Days of Climbing in Idaho


    The whirlwind excursion of three climbers who spent 10 days conquering some of Idaho's most iconic routes.

  9. Meet Jim Snyder and Charlie Walbridge: Pioneers of the Iconic Cheat River

    Some say that the Cheat River embodies the story of Appalachia—the rise and fall of industry, a biblical flood, and a legacy of environmental catastrophe. But like Appalachia, it has survived the turmoil, somehow remaining wild and scenic.

  10. Snow Caves, Igloos, and Fending Off Frostbite: An Icy Cold Winter Adventure

    West Virginia

    A weekend snow cave challenge turns extra frosty when an ill-timed blizzard wreaks havoc on our writer's adventure.

  11. Jim Snyder & Charlie Walbridge: Legends of the Cheat River

    West Virginia

    Jim Snyder and Charlie Walbridge are two of the Cheat’s living legends.

  12. Meet the Folks Bringing Big Adventure to the Cheat River

    West Virginia

    Perhaps the best way to understand the Cheat is to understand the community of river riders who live and play in its 1,422-square mile watershed.

  13. The Fascinating Story of Happy Camp, California: One of the Pacific Northwest's Final Frontiers

    San Francisco

    Steeped in history, fraught with lawlessness, altered by industry, and even haunted by the legend of Bigfoot, the oddly-named settlement of Happy Camp, California has beckoned eclectic groups of adventurers throughout its tumultuous history.

  14. Road Tripping the Pacific Northwest Coast


    The story of an East Coast couple embarking on a two-week excursion through the Pacific Northwest.