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Santa Barbara, Ogden, Moab, Heber Valley, Lake Tahoe, Park City, Southwest Virginia

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  1. Leave the Car Behind for an Adventurous Getaway to Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    All of the quintessential Santa Barbara experiences, from cruising along the beachside bike path to enjoying the region’s wineries and fine dining, are all entirely possible without a car.

  2. Cycling the Centennial Trail: A Scenic Loop Along the Banks of the Ogden River


    The Centennial Trail forms a loop around Ogden, Utah, linking together the greenbelts along the Ogden and Weber rivers.

  3. How to Travel 18,000 Miles With Your Dog

    There's traveling with your dog, and there's journeying with your dog: 18,000 miles of adventure-centric road trip, to be exact. Here's how to do it without going doggone crazy.

  4. Chasing Sandstone: A Climbing Road Trip Through the Southwest


    In the face of a spinal injury and a low-on-confidence return to climbing, here's how one climber journeyed through the American Southwest in search of sandstone, freedom, and a life beyond the comfort zone.

  5. Big Family Fun Without the Big Price Tag (Or Hours in the Car)

    Heber Valley

    Cradled by the picturesque Wasatch Mountains in north-central Utah, less than an hour from Salt Lake City, the Heber Valley provides the perfect setting for a fun and relaxing family vacation on a budget.

  6. 6 Hot Cocktails for Warming Up Your Winter Adventures

    Lake Tahoe

    We recruited a professional NYC bartender to curate and adapt these hot cocktail recipes for winter adventures of all varieties.

  7. How to Have the Perfect Wellness Weekend in Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Treating yourself to two or three days focused on nutrition, fitness, outdoor time, and therapeutic healing in scenic Santa Barbara could be just what your mind and body need to reboot.

  8. Hot Springs, Waterfalls, and More: The 7 Best Swimming Spots Near Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Venturing away from the beaches in Santa Barbara, visitors can explore the surrounding wilderness areas and parks to find freshwater creeks, waterfalls, and natural hot springs to enjoy.

  9. The West's Best Wild and Scenic Rivers, and How to Raft Them

    Little more than one-quarter of one percent of the nation’s rivers earn the Wild & Scenic designation. Here are five of the West's best for rafting.

  10. How to Experience Heber Valley's Luxurious Side

    Park City

    Nestled in the foothills of the impressive Wasatch Mountains, Utah's Heber Valley is filled with opportunities for year-round recreation, cozy lodging, and elegant dining, making it the perfect setting for a scenic and luxurious getaway.

  11. So, You Want to Go on a Solo Van Trip?

    Taking a solo van trip creates a lifestyle of ultimate freedom, but there are things you'll want to know before hitting the open road.

  12. 48 Hours of Adventure: How to Have an Unforgettable Weekend in Franklin County

    Southwest Virginia

    Set in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Franklin County stands out for its rich Appalachian heritage, natural beauty, and laid-back atmosphere. You'll find lots to love among its two lakes, four rivers, and miles of trails to explore.