Maggie Slepian

Denver, International , Bozeman, Boulder

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  1. Keep Your Gear Like New: Cleaning, Repair, and Storage Tips


    As any outdoor enthusiast knows, gear is expensive. Here's how to keep yours like new, with pro tips on cleaning, repairing, and storing it.

  2. 10 Awesome Outdoor Documentaries to Inspire You to Get Outside


    When the weather is nasty, sometimes you need a shot of inspiration to get after it. These incredible outdoor documentaries do just that.

  3. How I Learned to Climb Again After Nearly Losing My Thumb in a Car Accident


    About five years ago, my left hand—and thumb—were shredded in a horrible car accident. Here's how I returned to my passion of climbing, and the lessons I learned along the way.

  4. How to Elevate Your Backpacking and Camping Food Game


    Whether you’re car camping or going on a long backpacking trip, here are a few ways to elevate your food game during your next trip.