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  1. The 6 Best Downhill Mountain Biking Rides in Alabama

    Auburn, Birmingham, Montgomery

    Here are the top spots in Alabama where mountain bikers can get their downhill fix.

  2. 7 Tips for Introducing Kids to Outdoor Activities

    As devices become more integrated into a child’s development, it is more important than ever to make outdoor activity a regular part of life from an early age.

  3. 7 Tips for Trail Running in the Winter

    Follow these tips to tackle the challenges of trail running during an Alabama winter.

  4. Quick & Dirty Guide to Birmingham Trail Running


    Use this guide to quickly get up to speed on Birmingham's best trail running areas.

  5. 8 Tips for Being Active in the Winter

    Instead of hibernating in winter, follow these tips on how to stay active and mix up your workout routine.

  6. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Alabama Whitewater Kayaking

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    A quick overview to get you familiar with the best whitewater kayaking spots in Alabama.

  7. CukoRakko: Alabama's Family-Friendly Festival with a Funky Vibe

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    Born in Alabama's boulder fields, the family-friendly CukoRakko festival has a unique vibe and eclectic program and entertainment.

  8. Alabama's Trussville Sports Complex: Biking, Climbing, Trail Running & Disc Golf


    With areas for climbing, biking, trail running, and disc golf, the Trussville Sports Complex is perfect for a quick, multi-sport getaway.

  9. 5 Great Lazy Float Trips in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    Spend a lazy summer day floating these Alabama creeks in your canoe, kayak, or old-school inner tube.

  10. 6 Day Trips in Alabama for First-Time Kayakers


    With over 130,000 miles of rivers and streams, Alabama has abundant opportunites for flat water paddling making it a perfect spot for beginners.

  11. Your Alabama Guide to Axe Throwing

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    One of the fastest-growing sports in America, axe throwing has spread all the way from Canada to Alabama.

  12. 7 Tips for Running or Biking at Night

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Follow these seven tips to run or bike safely at night.