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Knoxville, Logan, Bear Lake, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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  1. Ales to Trails: Pair Local Craft Breweries with These Outstanding Knoxville Trails


    Knoxville features 50 miles of trails in the Urban Wilderness, an in-city trail system, and several other preserves and natural areas to explore. Pair them with a city filled with craft breweries and you've got the perfect combination for outdoor fun.

  2. 7 Reasons Why Logan is a World-Class Destination for Outdoor Lovers


    Logan, Utah, is one of the best-kept secrets among America’s outdoor lovers. About 80 minutes from Salt Lake City and tucked into the stunningly green and peaceful Cache Valley, Logan offers every imaginable adventure an outdoor lover could want.

  3. 8 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Bear Lake

    Bear Lake

    North Utah's Bear Lake is a one-of-a-kind hub for outdoor adventure. Here are eight of the best ways to enjoy the turquoise water and unique mountain setting.

  4. Why the Holidays are One of the Best Times to Visit Knoxville


    From an Elf on the Shelf Challenge to urban trails and snowy mountain hikes, Knoxville offers lots of ways to enjoy the holiday season.

  5. How to Have the Ultimate Adventure Day in Logan


    Logan Canyon is filled with scenic options when it comes to spending an action-filled day in the snow. Here’s our admittedly very ambitious guide to an adventure day in Logan, Utah.

  6. A Foodie's Guide to Logan, Part 2


    Who knew that the small town of Logan, Utah, could boast mouth-watering cuisine from every corner of the globe? With a recently designated Historic Theatre District, Logan is home to a vibrant cultural scene as well as a host of excellent restaurants.

  7. Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Isn't Just an Environmental Issue, It's a Human Rights Affair

    Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    The Gwich’in, an Alaska Native tribe whose people have lived in the region for over 20,000 years, are fighting to preserve their community and way of life.