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Chattanooga, Gates of the Arctic National Park

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  1. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Needs Your Help. Here's What You Should Know

    Gates of the Arctic National Park

    Federally protected in 1960 and expanded significantly in 1980, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has no roads within it, nor any roads leading to it. It is one of the last truly wild places in the United States, and it is in danger.

  2. Five Points 50


    The Five Points 50 is a mountain biking course in Chattanooga that is closed to the public for 364 days out of the year. It is a truly epic ride.

  3. The 5 Most Technical Mountain Bike Trails in Chattanooga


    It’s true: Chattanooga is beginning to develop a reputation as a mountain biking destination. Here, 5 experts-only trails where you can test your mountain biking skills (and suspension!).