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  1. Cache La Poudre - Filter Run Kayaking


    The Filter Run is the perfect place for advanced beginner kayakers to hone their skills and get a taste of real whitewater action.

  2. Big Thompson River Kayaking


    When the dams open, the Big Thompson River roars to life. Kayakers, grab you paddles and get ready to test your meddle with The Big Tommy, a short but technical run.

  3. Flatirons Rock Climbing


    Boulder's Flatirons are world-class. The climbing is varied, solid and runs the gamut from 5.0 to 5.14, sport to trad and single pitch to epic 1,300 ft. climbs. And all right in town.

  4. Clear Creek Canyon Rock Climbing


    Clear Creek Canyon has a variety of climbing routes with a matching variety of rock. The lower canyon has easy to access crags and more sport routes, while the upper canyon progressively gets more technical.

  5. North Table Mountain Rock Climbing


    North Table Mountain gets a lot of sun, making its single-pitch, sport climbing routes perfect to scale year round. Easy access and good bolts makes it a great place to get in a few quick climbs or work out a tough project.

  6. Poudre Canyon Rock Climbing


    Poudre Canyon has a chossy personality with a few solid-granite gems hidden in the mix. Climbers eager to get out of Boulder are advised to give Poudre Canyon a shot.

  7. Lumpy Ridge


    Lumpy Ridge is Estes Park's classic trad climbing crag with a few sport routes in the mix. Look for multi-pitch and tough, runout lines on mostly solid rocks in the 5.9 - 5.11 range.

  8. Shelf Road


    Shelf Road is a sport climbing paradise, with well-bolted routes and new crags under development every day.

  9. Rocky Mountain National Park - Climbing


    Rocky Mountain National Park has enough alpine action to last several lifetimes! Exposed routes, long days and glorious summits make this a climbing haven for those ready to dive into the mountains.

  10. South Boulder Peak


    South Boulder Peak is a great mountain hike with 3,100 ft. of elevation that passes through a burn zone and tops out on the highest summit in Boulder Mountain Parks.

  11. Mastering the Early Morning Ski Start

    Boulder, Denver

    Colorado ski days are a lot of fun, assuming you can actually get the mountain at a reasonable time. Caffeinate thyself and check our our 5 best tips for getting a good start.

  12. Frisco Nordic Center


    Frisco's Nordic Center offers a vast network of groomed trails for all levels, all set beneath some of the most beautiful mountains in Colorado.

  13. Green Mountain Boulder - Snowshoeing


    Green Mountain transforms into a fun, rugged snowshoe adventure when the snows come to Boulder. 2,200 feet of vertical in 3.2 miles? Bring it on!

  14. Boulder Valley Ranch - Fat Biking


    Boulder Valley Ranch is a gateway to mellow fat biking in an amazing setting.

  15. 11 of the Worst Race Day Photos

    It's a moment in time... you'd rather forget. 10 of the worst race day pics, brought to you by our pals at Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

  16. Jason Syman: Running the Show

    Jason Syman is a Connecticut runner who enjoys the balance running provides in his full life.

  17. Sam Alexander: Staying on Track


    Sam Alexander loves running on the track and going fast. At age 42, he's still flying and giving the younger guys a run for their money.

  18. Q&A with Runner & Coach Art Ives

    Boulder, Denver

    Colorado running coach Art Ives has inspired many athletes with his wisdom and work ethic.

  19. Q&A with Colorado Runner Cara Winters

    Boulder, Denver

    Cara Winters is a Denver runner with a positive outlook on running -- and many miles yet to run.

  20. Q&A with Austin Ultra Runner Erik Stanley


    Austin ultra runner Erik Stanley talks about what keeps him running, why he loves the sport and his future running goals.

  21. Q&A with Salt Lake City Runner Peter Esko

    Salt Lake City

    RootsRated caught up with Peter Esko to ask him about his running: what motivates him, what he loves about the sport and what his goals are.

  22. Anemone Hill


    Anemone Hill is a beautiful and quiet retreat right in the city of Boulder. A 1,000 ft. climb offers solitude, views and more than likely, a wildlife experience!

  23. Switzerland Trail - Trail Running


    Some amazing views line this rather nontechnical 12.5-mile trail.

  24. Flatirons Vista Loop


    Flatirons Vista is the gateway to great trail running circuits from a quick run to marathon training sessions.