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  1. North Table Mountain Rock Climbing


    North Table Mountain gets a lot of sun, making its single-pitch, sport climbing routes perfect to scale year round. Easy access and good bolts makes it a great place to get in a few quick climbs or work out a tough project.

  2. Poudre Canyon Rock Climbing


    Poudre Canyon has a chossy personality with a few solid-granite gems hidden in the mix. Climbers eager to get out of Boulder are advised to give Poudre Canyon a shot.

  3. Lumpy Ridge


    Lumpy Ridge is Estes Park's classic trad climbing crag with a few sport routes in the mix. Look for multi-pitch and tough, runout lines on mostly solid rocks in the 5.9 - 5.11 range.

  4. Shelf Road


    Shelf Road is a sport climbing paradise, with well-bolted routes and new crags under development every day.

  5. Rocky Mountain National Park - Climbing


    Rocky Mountain National Park has enough alpine action to last several lifetimes! Exposed routes, long days and glorious summits make this a climbing haven for those ready to dive into the mountains.

  6. South Boulder Peak


    South Boulder Peak is a great mountain hike with 3,100 ft. of elevation that passes through a burn zone and tops out on the highest summit in Boulder Mountain Parks.

  7. Mastering the Early Morning Ski Start

    Boulder, Denver

    Colorado ski days are a lot of fun, assuming you can actually get the mountain at a reasonable time. Caffeinate thyself and check our our 5 best tips for getting a good start.

  8. Frisco Nordic Center


    Frisco's Nordic Center offers a vast network of groomed trails for all levels, all set beneath some of the most beautiful mountains in Colorado.

  9. Green Mountain Boulder - Snowshoeing


    Green Mountain transforms into a fun, rugged snowshoe adventure when the snows come to Boulder. 2,200 feet of vertical in 3.2 miles? Bring it on!

  10. Boulder Valley Ranch - Fat Biking


    Boulder Valley Ranch is a gateway to mellow fat biking in an amazing setting.

  11. 11 of the Worst Race Day Photos

    It's a moment in time... you'd rather forget. 10 of the worst race day pics, brought to you by our pals at Seriously Ugly Race Pics.

  12. Jason Syman: Running the Show

    Jason Syman is a Connecticut runner who enjoys the balance running provides in his full life.

  13. Sam Alexander: Staying on Track


    Sam Alexander loves running on the track and going fast. At age 42, he's still flying and giving the younger guys a run for their money.

  14. Q&A with Runner & Coach Art Ives

    Boulder, Denver

    Colorado running coach Art Ives has inspired many athletes with his wisdom and work ethic.

  15. Q&A with Colorado Runner Cara Winters

    Boulder, Denver

    Cara Winters is a Denver runner with a positive outlook on running -- and many miles yet to run.

  16. Q&A with Austin Ultra Runner Erik Stanley


    Austin ultra runner Erik Stanley talks about what keeps him running, why he loves the sport and his future running goals.

  17. Q&A with Salt Lake City Runner Peter Esko

    Salt Lake City

    RootsRated caught up with Peter Esko to ask him about his running: what motivates him, what he loves about the sport and what his goals are.

  18. Anemone Hill


    Anemone Hill is a beautiful and quiet retreat right in the city of Boulder. A 1,000 ft. climb offers solitude, views and more than likely, a wildlife experience!

  19. Switzerland Trail - Trail Running


    Some amazing views line this rather nontechnical 12.5-mile trail.

  20. Flatirons Vista Loop


    Flatirons Vista is the gateway to great trail running circuits from a quick run to marathon training sessions.

  21. Heil Ranch Mountain Biking


    Heil Ranch has transformed Boulder mountain biking into a fast, flowing, fun experience with the option to go epic!

  22. North Boulder Park Nordic Ski Track


    North Boulder Park transforms into a Nordic Ski track when the snow falls. Grab your skis and get ready to burn some calories.

  23. Keystone Mountain - Skiing


    Keystone has a little bit for everyone, from long and bumpy runs to deep powder to baby slopes.

  24. Dry Creek


    Dry Creek has gone to the dogs! While not officially a dog park, this open space park is the perfect place to take a hike or run with your favorite pooch. There are 1.3 miles of trails that open up into a spectacular meadow.