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  1. Exploring Colorado’s Front Range Plane Wrecks

    Boulder, Denver

    The mountains of Colorado are full of aviation history, if you know where to look. Here, three fascinating front range plane wrecks.

  2. Exploring Colorado's Political Peaks


    The mountains of Colorado have a rich political heritage, including Republican and Democrat Mountains as well as Bald Eagle Mountain and Whitehouse Mountain.

  3. Maroon Bells Traverse

    The Maroon Bells Traverse is one of Colorado's classic adventures, with 5th class climbing on wildly exposed terrain along two 14ers.

  4. Ute Peak: Colorado's Glorious Secret Summit

    Boulder, Denver

    Ute Peak is one of Colorado's best hikes for scenery and sheer beauty. Hidden in the WIlliams Fork Mountains, this secret peak is worth a visit.

  5. An Ode to Boulder Creek

    Boulder, Denver

    Boulder is a dry, hot place, and its namesake creek is more than just a creek. It is a vein of life delivered from the mountains.

  6. 5 of Boulder's Best Bike Adventures

    Colorado has a lot of great cycling routes, and here are 5 of Boulder's Best Bike Adventures.

  7. Magnolia Road Trail Run


    Magnolia Road offers a high-altitude run that escapes the city and opens up au natural interval training.

  8. Brainard Lake Peak Bagging: An Insider's Guide

    Boulder, Denver

    Some of the best summits in the Indian Peaks await at Brainard Lake. Here's how to bag some peaks, no matter what level of hiker you are.

  9. Valmont Bike Park

    Valmont Bike Park opened in 2011, it was the culmination of 15 years of hard work on the part of the volunteers, designers and city leaders.

  10. Wilderness Exchange

    Wilderness Exchange Unlimited is a gear store in Denver that delivers some of the best outdoor gear & apparel without the high prices that have come to be synonymous.

  11. Green Mountain

    As the most accessible of the three Boulder peaks, Green Mountain is a true local's favorite with great views and an established character.

  12. Unveiling the Lion's Lair Trail on Mount Sanitas

    Boulder, Denver

    Boulder's Lion's Lair Trail up Mount Sanitas offers a new look at the classic mountain hike, exploring the more wild side of Mount Sanitas.

  13. Sage Trail


    Sage Loop is one of the best running trails in Boulder, instantly transporting you out of the city to gorgeous farmland and spacious views.

  14. Walker Ranch - Snowshoeing


    Walker Ranch is 7.8 miles of snowshoeing bliss! Scenic mountain views, wide open meadows, a peaceful creek and deep forests await.

  15. Brainard Lake - Snowshoeing


    Brainard Lake has several dedicated snowshoe trails and a winter closure road that leads to the scenic -- and windy -- Brainard Lake.

  16. Hessie Trail - Snowshoeing


    Hessie Trailhead is a popular winter destination with trails leading to Lost Lake, King Lake and beyond. The farther you go, the thinner the crowds!

  17. Moffat Tunnel - Snowshoeing


    Moffat Tunnel East Portal Trailhead is the gateway to amazing adventures including Crater Lakes, Forest Lakes and Heart Lake. It's also a nice place for a walk in the woods.

  18. Moffat Road - Cross Country Skiing


    Cross country skiers who don't mind breaking trail will enjoy Moffat Road's steady, railroad grade and great views. It's 9 miles to the top -- can you make it?!

  19. Heil Ranch - Fat Biking


    When the snow falls, grab your fat bike and check out Heil Ranch's excellent singletrack trails -- great riding, low crowds and stellar views await.

  20. Moffat Road - Fat Biking


    Moffat Road is a fat biking challenge that climbs up to 11,000 feet and offers a tough, but fair railroad grade road to the top. It's a nice outing for rides of any length.

  21. Doudy Draw - Fat Biking


    Fat biking is fun at Doudy Draw year round, but when the snow falls get ready for prime conditions! Tons of trails to connect, most of them non-technical.

  22. Magnolia Road - Fat Biking


    Magnolia Road has a fierce climb that is sure to test the toughest of fat bikers. Or, you can drive up the climb and enjoy the rolling scenery on the upper section of this iconic road.

  23. Insider's Guide to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

    Black Canyon of the Gunnison

    It's deep, it's dark, and it's awesome. Explore this daring park if you have the guts, where 2,000' cliffs descend to a world of shadows.

  24. Mount Sanitas - Hiking


    Mount Sanitas is Boulder's favorite hike. Great views, easy year-round access, multiple trails and dog friendly -- it's the perfect place to fall in love with Boulder's mountainous vibe.

  25. Mallory Cave


    Mallory Cave explores the base of the Flatirons before reaching the wrought gates of the bat cave! A steep, scenic hike that concludes with a fun scramble to the bat-gate.