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  1. 6 Tips for Winter Hiking in Boulder

    Tips for winter hiking in Boulder -- what to wear, where to go, what to bring and why bundling up may actually be a bad idea!

  2. Boulder's Highway 93 Underpass Opens

    Boulder's new Community Ditch underpass connects the Marshall Mesa trails with Dowdy Draw and creates a safe, new way of combining these trail systems.

  3. Hike Colorado's Highest Mountain: Mount Elbert


    Mount Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado and the Rockies. At 14,433 feet, it's a big hike fit hikers can easily tackle.

  4. Colorado Specific Winter Car Kit

    Gear to keep in your car or truck to help with Colorado-specific winter conditions -- where a lot of the time, you're simply sitting still waiting for traffic to move!

  5. Theresa Nealon : Sophisticated Speed

    Santa Barbara

    Theresa Nealon is an accomplished sprinter and runner who embodies the spirit of the versatile runner.

  6. Rollins Pass & Moffat Road


    Rollins Pass and Moffat Road offer access to great hiking, mountain biking, camping, ski touring and even the ghost town of Corona.

  7. Asheville Rides


    Asheville rides is a great way for cyclists in town to meet other riders, check out the city and learn more about local businesses.

  8. 6 Things Boulderites Do on a Rainy Day

    Rainy days in Boulder make us a little stir crazy. Maybe that's why we'll drive 8 hours to the desert for 2 hours of fun?

  9. Colorado's Top Ten Must-Hike 14ers

    Colorado has 58 14,000 foot peaks -- which 14ers are the most fun to climb? RootsRated takes a look at the best in the Rocky Mountains!

  10. Q&A with Santa Barbara Ultra Runner Chris Douglas

    Santa Barbara

    Chris Douglas is a runner who looks for the toughest terrain around and finds the quickest way up! His version of fun is in line with his spirit for adventure. Learn more about Chris in his Q&A.

  11. Q&A with Denver Runner Bart Deferme

    Bart Deferme is a Denver-based runner who is less about the competition and more about the adventure.

  12. Q&A with Ultra Runner Sarah Leone

    We sat down with Boulder-area runner Sarah Leone to answer a few questions about why running remains an important part of her life.

  13. Q&A with Ultra Runner Tom Hurd


    Charlotte runner Tom Hurd is as committed to his community as he is to his running.

  14. Q&A with Ultra Runner Karen Gelmis


    Huntsville's Karen Gelmis is a dedicated runner who is eager to reach out to her community in Alabama -- and beyond.

  15. Q&A with Nashville Runner Cody Goodwin


    We sat down with Nashville runner Cody Goodwin to discuss how he finds the winning balance and what kind of emotions he experiences on race day.

  16. Q&A with Bellingham Runner Sam Alexander


    Sam Alexander is a competitive runner who has continued to keep pushing his limits long past his collegiate running career. You may notice two things about Sam: he likes going fast and he loves the track.

  17. Q&A with Asheville Runner Jane Roane


    Asheville runner Jane Roane shares her thoughts on what keeps her moving and what she loves about running in North Carolina.

  18. Q&A with Santa Barbara Runner Theresa Nealon

    Santa Barbara

    Theresa Nealon excelled as a collegiate runner and now serves as a coach -- but still gets in plenty of running of her own. Learn more about her in our Q&A.

  19. Chris Douglas: Always Moving

    Santa Barbara

    Chris Douglas is an endurance athlete who is equally adept running with a group or taking on the hardest races in the world solo.

  20. Art Ives: Run Forever


    Art Ives of Boulder is a running coach and competitor whose methodical approach to running balances mind and body -- with incredible results, especially for ultrarunners.

  21. Sarah Leone: Inspiration in Motion


    Sarah Leone is a Boulder runner with boundless energy which she channels into programs such as Paradox Sports -- and of course, her own meditative running.

  22. 2014 Trail Running Conference Oct 9 - 12

    The 2nd Annual Trail Running Conference in Estes Park, Colorado features workshops, clinics, films and of course, lots of running!

  23. Mount Audubon: The Four Season Challenge


    Mount Audubon is a great peak to climb year round. Can you make the summit in all four seasons?

  24. Cara Winters: Journey of a Thousand Steps

    Cara Winters is a Denver runner who balances the fun and fitness of running with the meditation of being alone in one's mind.

  25. Bart Deferme: Run for Your Life

    Bart Deferme is a Denver runner who proves that running can be the key to positive change.