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  1. Mountain Biking in Bellingham: Three Great Early Spring Rides


    Mountain biking in Bellingham is a perfect way to ease the pain from a mild winter, with these three great trails that don't get too muddy.

  2. The Junuary Jaunt: A Trip Report of Spring Skiing at Table Mountain


    In a mild winter, spring skiing at Table Mountain offers some respite for powder hounds, especially in the midst of a depressing Junuary.

  3. Excerpts from the Abyss

    In December 2014, RootsRated editor Brian Bates and his crew set out on an unforgettable river trip down the Grand Canyon. Here are his inspired reflections.

  4. 15 Must-Do Bellingham Adventures in 2016


    The Pacific Northwest is brimming with world-class outdoor experiences, and there's no shortage of Bellingham adventures well worth adding to your bucket list.

  5. The Insider's Guide to the Après-Ski Lifestyle at Stevens Pass


    The après-ski lifestyle at Stevens Pass consists of a thriving atmosphere with excellent breweries, German culture, and delicious food.

  6. The Insider's Guide to Backcountry Skiing at Stevens Pass


    The backcountry skiing at Stevens Pass is incredible, and you could spend multiple seasons skiing there and still not see all the lines.

  7. The Insider's Guide to Skiing at Stevens Pass


    Stevens Pass is the fun middle child of the big three resorts for Washington. The one who learned from the older sibling how to charge hard, and is showing the younger one how to get away with no one knowing you’re there.

  8. The Insider's Guide to Crystal Mountain's Après-Ski Lifestyle


    Crystal Mountain may be better suited for the day trip skier, but there ares still a few places worth visiting after your day on the slopes.

  9. The Insider's Guide to Backcountry Skiing at Crystal Mountain


    The problem with backcountry skiing at Crystal Mountain is that it's difficult to decide where to go, because there are so many options.

  10. The Insider's Guide to Crystal Mountain Resort


    Sprawled over bowls, basins, peaks, and pillows, Crystal Mountain Resort has the most terrain of any ski destination in Washington, as well as the best views.

  11. The Insider's Guide to the Mt. Baker Lifestyle


    This is the local's guide on where to get the most of the Mt. Baker lifestyle after your day on the slopes.

  12. The Insider's Guide to Backcountry Skiing Mt. Baker


    What is it, specifically, that makes backcountry skiing Mt. Baker so sweet? In this local's guide, we explore those reasons.

  13. The Insider's Guide to Skiing Mt. Baker


    Odds are, if you’re skiing Mount Baker, you’ve caught wind of the worst-kept secret in North America: No resort has more snowfall.

  14. Before Bellingham: A Conversation with WOOT


    We sat down with Western Washington University WOOT Coordinator, Stephen Magnuson, to discuss what the program is all about and why it's important for young adults to use the outdoors as a resource.

  15. Nuckin Futs at the Chuckanuts


    The Chuckanuts are Bellingham’s favorite trails. Whether you’re a high school cross country runner or training for a 50k, if you live in Bellingham, you're probably familiar with these stellar mountain paths. Here are 7 tips on how to get the most out of your run in the ‘Nuts.

  16. Autumn at Artist Point


    Artist Point lies at the conclusion of Highway 542 just outside of Bellingham. During the winter and snow-filled spring, the road can go no further than the Mount Baker Ski Resort’s upper lodge, and as such, Artist Point is left peacefully resting above, only accessible to backcountry skiers trudging up the slopes.

  17. Insider's Guide to Galbraith


    Galbraith Mountain is a renowned mountain biking mecca where riders from all over the world flock in order to experience some of the best berms around.

  18. Insider's Guide to the 542


    Mt. Baker Highway, or Highway 542, is a road that is overflowing with adventure. Every mile or so, there's a different pull-off or trailhead that's just waiting to be explored.

  19. 6 Ways to Beat the Bellingham Heat


    Contrary to popular belief, Bellingham can get quite hot during the summer, so here are six places where locals go to cool off, from waterfalls to boardwalks.

  20. Exploring Oyster Dome


    Sculpted into the edge of Blanchard Mountain with a jagged chisel, Oyster Dome thrusts itself out of the forest, touches the sea, and bathes in the sun.

  21. Turns on the Fourth of July


    When most people think of the Fourth of July, they think beer, boating, and sunshine; but in the Cascades of Washington this year, three adventurous skiers took to the slopes.

  22. An Off-the-Beaten-Path Guide to the Perfect Weekend around Bellingham


    From hiking in the Chuckanuts to enjoying a sunset climb at Clayton Beach, here's how Chaco spends a weekend in Bellingham.

  23. Cruising the California Coast: 13 Places Where You Need to Stop Along Highway 1

    San Francisco

    Highway 1 is, without potentially offending any other highway lovers, quite possibly the most beautiful highway in the country.

  24. Raptor Ridge


    One of the most dramatic viewpoints in the Chuckanuts, Raptor Ridge is worth every uphill inch of its roughly 7-mile route.

  25. Dry Fork Mountain Biking


    They Dry Fork Loop with Hoffheins Connect is one of the more fun rides for mountain bikers of all levels in Durango, Colorado.