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Knoxville, Flagstaff, Tooele, Farmington, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Lexington

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  1. Butler Road


    Butler Road provides an easy bike commute across town

  2. Red Mountain Trail Hiking


    Volcanic amphitheater with rock scrambling and hoodoos.

  3. Buffalo Park - Road Running


    Community park with a wide multi-use trail and fitness stations.

  4. Lake Mary Road - Cycling


    Beautiful road ride near Flagstaff, popular for training and for club rides.

  5. Fatman's Loop - Trail Running


    Fatman's Loop is short and runner-friendly with views of East Flagstaff.

  6. High Country Trail


    Kid-friendly, paved multi-use trails through a neighborhood and forest

  7. End of the World - Backpacking/Camping


    Car camping at one of the most incredible overlooks in Arizona.

  8. O'Leary Peak Trail - Hiking


    This challenging hike to the top of O'Leary Peak will reward you with great views of the San Francisco Peaks.

  9. Mars Hill - Cycling


    This short, steep road ride up Mars Hill to Lowell Observatory is a great training ride.

  10. Fay Canyon - Hiking


    Fay Canyon is an easy hike overlooking Sedona, in the Secret Canyon Wilderness. Look for a natural arch and man-made ruins.

  11. West Clear Creek Backpacking


    West Clear Creek Trail is a summer retreat with hiking for all abilities, with day trip or overnight options

  12. Sandys Canyon


    Scenic trail with options for hiking, biking, and climbing

  13. Little Elden Mountain Biking


    Little Elden offers rolling rides through rugged terrain near Mt. Elden and Flagstaff.

  14. Soldier's Trail Running


    Soldier's Trail in Fort Tuthill County Park makes a good trail run or family-friendly mountain bike ride

  15. Tips to Planning the Perfect Trip to Tooele


    Tooele County, Utah, is one of the state’s most beautiful places, featuring 11,000-foot high mountain peaks, the Great Salt Lake, green valleys, rocky canyons, and an unforgettable expanse of white salt. It's a great spot for a getaway to explore it all.

  16. 9 Tips from Locals on How to Make Most of Your Time in Tooele


    Offering an eclectic mix of amazing outdoor experiences in northwestern Utah, Tooele County includes parts of 12 mountain ranges, the Deseret Peak Wilderness, the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Cedar Mountain Wilderness, and the Great Salt Lake.

  17. Fisher Point via Sinclair Wash Mountain Biking


    Bike from Flagstaff to an amazing overlook along the Arizona Trail

  18. Marshall Lake to Fisher Point Mountain Biking


    Ride from Marshall lake to Fisher Point, with views of Anderson Mesa and Walnut Canyon

  19. Sinclair Wash Cycling


    Beautiful section of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System

  20. The 10 Best Outdoor Activities to Do with the Kids in Tooele


    Located just west of Salt Lake City, Tooele County is one of Utah’s most diverse areas. While it may be best known for its expansive desert landscape, you'll still find plenty of green space to explore and lots of outdoor experiences perfect for the kids.

  21. 10 Tips from Locals on How to Make the Most of Your Time in Ogden


    With more than 260 miles of trails, access to water, and a myriad of city activities, Ogden, Utah, is a popular destination for fun in the summer. Here are the best ways to get the most out of a summer getaway to this fun mountain town.

  22. The Architecture and Construction of Temple Square

    Salt Lake City

    Utah's majestic Temple Square is an architectural marvel, showcasing some of the most incredible buildings in the west.

  23. 8 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Ogden


    Ogden, Utah, is known for its incredible outdoor experiences in close proximity to its urban amenities. See for yourself why Ogden has become a mountain town worth exploring.

  24. Chinle Trail

    Zion National Park

    This less-traveled Zion trail offering expansive views makes a great alternative to the more crowded and steeper hikes in the park.

  25. How Kentucky Became One of the Top Paddling States in the Country


    The history of paddling in Kentucky and the best spots in the Bluegrass State to try it for yourself!