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  1. North Chickamauga Creek - White Water Paddling


    The North Chickamauga Creek is a local paddling favorite, offering a couple different options, including a remote 12-mile run and an easily accessible stretch of rapids called 'The Bowling Alley.'

  2. Ocoee River - White Water Paddling


    The Ocoee River is one of the most popular rivers in the world, seeing hundreds of thousands of kayakers and rafters every year. This popularity is well-deserved, as it has about 10 miles of excellent class III-IV whitewater, as well as a positive relationship with TVA that keeps the agua flowing for weekend warriors all summer long.

  3. A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Best Whitewater Kayaking in Kentucky


    With everything from calm streams to full-on class V rapids, Kentucky is a paddler’s paradise.

  4. Tellico River - White Water Paddling


    An appealing stream for kayakers, trout fishermen, hikers, and waterfall viewers, the enchanting wilderness of the Tellico River is easily accessed by a nice, paved road connected to the popular Cherohala Skyway. For paddling laps, learning to creek, or hucking your first waterfall, the Tellico is a Southeastern whitewater essential.

  5. Richland Creek - White Water Paddling


    Richland Creek is another hidden gem tucked into the side of Walden's Ridge, with great rapids getting continually steeper the farther you hike upstream. The Laurel Snow section of the Cumberland Trail makes great use of an old mining road, enabling paddlers and hikers the chance to access the creek.

  6. A Guide to the Best Whitewater Paddling in Tennessee


    Here, we list 10 of the best whitewater destinations in Tennessee, from beginner to expert skill level, so you can just tick them off your list as your skill progresses.