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  1. Ohm for the Outdoors: 5 Essential Yoga Moves for Adventurous Types

    Yoga isn't just for the New Age set anymore. Here, 5 essential yoga moves for adventurous types that will up your fitness to new heights.

  2. 8 Great Things To Do in San Francisco This Spring

    San Francisco

    From crazy costumed races to camping in wine country, there's no shortage of great things to do in San Francisco in spring.

  3. How to Bury Your Wine in the Snow (and Other Boozy Tips from a Snowboarding Sommelier)

    Aspen, Chicago

    Wine just isn't for apres anymore: Just ask snowboarder and sommelier Ryan Arnold, who shares how to bury your vino in the snow for a mid-run splash, plus other savvy tips.

  4. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Skiing in Northern California

    San Francisco

    With Lake Tahoe an easy drive away, skiing in Northern California boasts world-class terrain and postcard views of the alpine lake.

  5. An Adventure-Oriented Weekend Getaway to Bodega Bay

    San Francisco

    Known as the filming spot for The Birds, Bodega Bay, about two hours' north of San Francisco, also makes a great getaway for active types.

  6. 6 Outdoorsy Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in the Bay Area

    San Francisco

    From patriotic paddling to a traditional tug of war, the 4th of July in the Bay Area means tons of outdoorsy fun. Here, six options.

  7. Ski Whistler Blackcomb: A Winter Getaway Guide


    North America's largest ski resort has a whopping 8,171 acres. Here's how to ski Whistler Blackcomb, plus where to eat, sleep, and après.

  8. Jay Kuehner: Inspired by Pioneers


    Jay Kuehner, 44, moved to Seattle more than 20 years ago, following about a decade-long hiatus from the sport he had enjoyed since he was a kid.

  9. An Intro to Camping in Alabama: What To Know and Where To Go

    State of Alabama

    During the fall, camping in Alabama is simply sublime. Here, all the intel you need for a weekend in the woods.

  10. The Best Fall Festivals in the Bay Area (and Beyond)

    San Francisco

    Here is an in depth list of the best fall festivals in the Bay Area and beyond, from Halloween-centric events to Hopland Passport.

  11. Skyline to the Sea Trail

    San Francisco

    Begin in the Santa Cruz Mountains, hike through a redwood forest, and then end your journey at the Pacific Ocean.

  12. Alpine Dam Loop - Cycling

    San Francisco

    Though pretty challenging, the 67-mile Alpine Dam Loop is one of the most beautiful rides in the Bay Area.

  13. Presidio Cycling

    San Francisco

    Towering redwoods, stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Marin Headlands, fun, flowy route options: the Presidio’s many appeals are easily explored on two wheels.

  14. Q&A with Ultra Runner Jay Kuehner


    We sat down Seattle ultra runner Jay Kuhner to talks running -- his favorite events, how he gets ready and what running means to him.

  15. Stephen Szoradi: Working it Out


    Stephen Szoradi is a mountain guide, trail runner and ski instructor in Aspen.

  16. Ski Season 2014/2015 in California: What’s New

    San Francisco

    Here's what to know for ski season 2014/2015 in California, which is right around the corner.

  17. Lake Merced Loop

    San Francisco

    This 4.5 mile loop is a popular place for runners and for races.

  18. The Best Places to See the Sunset in SF: 7 Sublime Spots

    San Francisco

    From a dramatic Marin overlook to a panoramic hill in the South Bay, here the best places to see the sunset in SF and beyond.

  19. Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail - Backpacking/Camping

    San Francisco

    Old-growth redwood forests, waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes of the Bay Area: It’s hard to top an overnight trek along the famed Skyline-to-Sea Trail in Santa Cruz.

  20. So, You Want to Run the Dipsea Race? Insider Tips for Newbies

    San Francisco

    The Dipsea Race is the oldest trail race in the country, and one of the most notorious. Here's an insider's guide for first-timers.

  21. Stunning National Park Photos to Inspire You to Get Out and Explore


    These stunning national park photos, winners of the 2015 Share the Experience photo contest, are sure to inspire adventure and exploration.

  22. 5 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Yosemite in Winter

    Yosemite National Park

    From skiing to ice-skating to cool programs, Yosemite in winter is full of adventure. Here, five great reasons for an offseason visit.