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  1. Fat Bikes at Minnesota River Bottoms


    The 400-acre Bloomington Ferry Unit of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge features floodplain forest and wetland habitats.In the winter, fat bike enthusiasts explore the banks for the Minnesota River.

  2. Snowshoeing in Baker Park Reserve


    The Three Rivers Park district maintains 38 miles of snowshoe trails at 11 parks and reserves. The parks offer dozens of snowshoe hikes, some by full moon, some by candlelight, some for beginners or just for women. Snowshoes are provided, and most fees are $5. Baker Park Reserve has over 5 miles of winter trails to explore.

  3. Zach Andrews: Running is an Adventure


    A former collegiate baseball player and member of a band, Zach Andrews is now an accomplished Alabama ultra runner.

  4. Q&A with Asheville Runner Julie Wunder

    Asheville's Juli Wunder began blogging about her running career in her "Running in a Skirt" blog -- and has kept both up over the years.

  5. Q&A with San Francisco Runner Blane Bachelor

    San Francisco

    Blane Bachelor, San Francisco runner, talks about her commitment to the sport and what makes California a runner's paradise.

  6. Q&A with Ultra Runner Kurt Decker


    Minneapolis based runner Kurt Decker talks about his love of trails and why he runs outdoors in the Minnesota winter!

  7. Gear Junkie


    Stephen Regenold started Gear Junkie in 2002, and quickly the column became a nationally syndicated source for real world gear reviews.