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  1. 5 Great Backpacking Trips Within a Day’s Drive of Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Within a day's drive of Alabama you'll find trails that lead to remarkable stony crags, breathtaking panoramic views, and towering waterfalls.

  2. An Insider’s Guide to the Alabama Coastal Birdfest


    The Gulf Coast is one of the most important birding habitats in the world.

  3. Tips for Hikers on Preventing and Treating Blisters

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Tips for Hikers on Preventing and Treating Blisters

  4. 6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Overnight Canoe Trip in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Expert advice to ensure that your first overnight canoe trip in Alabama goes smoothly.

  5. 10 Lesser-Known Alabama Waterfalls

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    In the Alabama backwoods you'll find hidden waterfalls that most people never get to see.

  6. A Parent's Guide to the 100 Alabama Miles Program

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Involve your kids in the 100 Alabama Miles program to help them get healthy exercise outdoors.

  7. 10 Reasons to Visit Alabama State Parks in Winter

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Thinner crowds, reduced rates, and amazing views are just a few of the 10 reasons to visit Alabama state parks in winter.

  8. Holiday Hiking: 10 Great Winter Hikes in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Escape the hustle and bustle of the holidays with these 10 great hikes in Alabama.

  9. The Appalachian Trail From Maine to ... Alabama?


    Several groups and individuals are making an all-out effort to bring the southern terminus of the AT to Alabama. Here, a look into the process.

  10. The 10 Best Places to Eat After Hiking Alabama’s National Forests and Wilderness Areas

    Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery

    From drive-ins to cafes and barbecue joints, these are the best spots to chow down after hiking Alabama's forests and Wilderness areas.

  11. A Guide to Exploring Alabama’s Flagg Mountain

    Birmingham, Montgomery

    Refurbished cabins and new camping regulations have made Flagg Mountain more accessible to campers.

  12. Your Road Trip Guide to Great Alabama Coffee Shops

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile

    Alabama travelers shouldn't settle for a mediocre cup of joe. Instead, visit these unique coffee shops.

  13. 10 Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Here are 10 tips for taking a successful, memorable, fun and safe family camping trip.

  14. An Insider’s Guide to Mardi Gras in Mobile


    Where to go, what to see and what to avoid at Mardi Gras in Mobile.

  15. 33 Years of Discovering Alabama with Doug Phillips

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Dr. Doug Phillips, has probably done more than anyone else to raise awareness about protecting the land, water, wildlife, and rural way of life in Alabama.

  16. A Guide to Lake Guntersville’s Eagle Awareness Weekends


    Eagle Awareness Weekends at Lake Guntersville include field trips and presentations that offer a close look at these magnificent birds.

  17. Did You Know You Can Go Snow Skiing in Alabama?


    The 800-acre Cloudmont Ski Resort and Golf Course sits high atop Alabama's Lookout Mountain in Mentone.

  18. The Unsung Heroes of Alabama Mountain Biking

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Hard-working Alabamians give back to mountain biking and the state by volunteering their time and energy to build and maintain trails.

  19. A Captivating Look at Alabama’s National Forests

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Alabama's four national forests make the state one of the most ecologically and geologically diverse areas in the world.

  20. Exploring Old Cahawba Archaeological Park


    Your guide to Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, Alabama's most famous ghost town.

  21. The 5 Best Overnight Hikes in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery

    Don't have much time to get out? Here are five great one-nighter backpacking trips in Alabama.

  22. Forever Wild Succeeds in Preserving Alabama’s Outdoor Treasures


    Alabama's Forever Wild Land Trust has been instrumental in preserving wild spaces and encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to explore them.

  23. An Ode to Alabama’s Great Outdoors

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    From its rivers and mountains to its Gulf Coast, Alabama is not only beautiful, but also ecologically diverse.

  24. Perdido River Canoe Trail


    A fun family friendly day or overnight paddling trip down one of the South's last "high quality free-flowing" blackwater rivers. This beautiful river winds past Atlantic white cedar bogs, countless inlets to explore, and amazing white sandbars where you can stop for lunch, take a swim, or camp overnight.

  25. Mound Island


    If you're looking for a real wilderness adventure then experience the rain forest-like Mound Island paddle through the second largest river delta in the country, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. The trip takes you through narrow bayous and sloughs with Spanish moss laden trees lining the banks then arrives at Mound Island the site of an ancient Native American civilization over 5,000 years ago and is now a National Historic Site.