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  1. Exploring Historic Mobile: 5 Fascinating Hikes Around Alabama’s Oldest City


    Mobile is one of Alabama's most historic cities. Here's how to dig into its fascinating past on foot.

  2. Paddling With Dolphins on the Alabama Gulf Coast

    Gulf Shores

    For a real summer adventure, why not try paddling with dolphins on the Alabama Gulf Coast? Here's what to know and where to go.

  3. The Alabama Scenic River Trail: 631 Miles of Adventure on the Water

    Gulf Shores, Mobile

    The Alabama Scenic River Trail is the longest single river trail in any state: 631 miles full of historic sites, campgrounds, and even nearby restaurants. Here's how to do it.

  4. A Quick & Dirty Guide to South Alabama’s Best Mountain Biking


    Alabama's rolling coastal plains and Gulf region offer special challenges for mountain bikers.

  5. The 8 Best Places to Ride Your Bike on the Alabama Gulf Coast

    Gulf Shores

    Grab your bike and explore the excellent trail system around Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.

  6. 8 Reasons Why Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are World-Class Destinations for Outdoor Lovers

    Gulf Shores

    Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, are known for their world-class beaches, but outdoor enthusiasts have many more reasons to plan a getaway to these gems on the Gulf of Mexico.

  7. 8 Things to Know Before Your Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation

    Gulf Shores

    Nestled along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, are among the fastest growing vacation destinations in the country, where warm turquoise waters lap against sugar-sand beaches.

  8. 48 Hours of Adventure: How to Have an Unforgettable Weekend in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

    Gulf Shores

    48 Hours isn't enough time to cover all the outdoor adventure available in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, but here's how you can give it your best shot.

  9. 8 Unique Alabama Spring Festivals

    Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery

    From Rooster Day to the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo, Alabama is home to several unique and entertaining spring festivals.

  10. The Complete Guide to the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

    Gulf Shores

    Just minutes away from the Alabama Gulf Coast beaches, the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail offers a different view of the area as it winds through freshwater lakes, coastal swamps, and pine forests.

  11. Alabama's Forever Wild Trails: 10 Must-Hike Trails

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa

    Forever Wild is one of the most successful outdoor initiatives in Alabama. Here, 10 of the best Forever Wild trails to explore.

  12. Bigfoot in Alabama? Some Outdoor Enthusiasts Say So

    Birmingham, Gulf Shores

    According to some outdoor enthusiasts, the legend of Bigfoot in Alabama could be more than just talk. Here, what investigators say about the mysterious sightings.

  13. 5 Historic Hidden Treasures on Alabama Trails

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    Hidden within Alabama’s forests, black water rivers, and delta, historic treasures are waiting to be explored. Here, 5 not to miss.

  14. Hamming It Up on the Trail: The Story of Alabama's Ham Radio Hikers

    Birmingham, Huntsville

    A look at the unique individuals who hike the state’s magnificent trails and, while doing so, communicate with the world via amateur or “ham” radio.

  15. The Great Eastern Trail: An Appalachian Trail Alternative


    Looking for an alternative to hiking the AT? Consider the Great Eastern Trail, a work in progress that runs from New York State to Alabama.

  16. Exploring Alabama’s Remarkable Splinter Hill Bog


    The remarkable 2,100-acre Splinter Hill Bog is known for its abundance of pitcher plants.

  17. 6 Reasons to Spend the Holidays on the Alabama Gulf Coast

    Gulf Shores

    Enjoy parades, holiday lights, street parties, coffee with Santa, and more with a holiday trip to the Gulf Coast.

  18. The 650-Mile Alabama Trail: Coming Soon to a Town Near You

    Gulf Shores, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa

    It's still a ways off, but the Alabama Trail is poised to connect existing trails and become a 650-mile mecca of hiking in Alabama. Here's what to know now.

  19. 8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Alabama

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    Here are several ways you can do your part to celebrate Mother Nature and protect the planet on Earth Day.

  20. Experience Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Alabama’s Gulf Coast


    From May to October, hundreds of small, green sea turtles emerge from nests on Alabama's white sand beaches.

  21. A Foodie's Guide to the Alabama Gulf Coast (It Ain't Just Seafood)


    Foodies will find more than just great seafood in cafes and restaurants on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

  22. Gators After Dark: Viewing Alabama Alligators at Night


    On the popular Gators After Dark Tour in Alabama you'll get up close-up view of American alligators at night.

  23. Traveling the Trail of Tears in Alabama


    The Trail of Tears follows the route of Native Americans who were forcibly relocated to Oklahoma.

  24. Exploring Alabama's Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

    Gulf Shores

    Alabama's Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is one of the last remaining undisturbed coastal barrier habitats. Here's how to do it right.

  25. Traveling the Alabama Birding Trail

    Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery

    The Alabama Birding Trail includes eight regions with more than 250 locations to view more than 400 species of birds.