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  1. The Top Fishing Spots in Beaver County


    Beaver County, Utah, features alpine lakes tucked among snowy peaks and a huge reservoir that grows trophy-sized trout, making it a great place for a fishing getaway.

  2. Discovering the Scenic Byways of Moab


    The town of Moab, Utah, is surrounded by a sense of limitless space. On these spectacular drives in the area, you'll find unworldly scenery that offers long views, a rainbow of colors, dazzling sunsets, and unforgettable canyons.

  3. 4 Reasons Alta is a Great Place for a Family Ski Vacation

    Salt Lake City

    The Alta Ski Area may be famous for its steep and deep powder snow and challenging runs for expert skiers, but it's also perfect for downhill family adventures with plenty of intermediate and beginner terrain and easy access from Salt Lake City.

  4. 3 Days in Alta: The Perfect Long Weekend Getaway

    Salt Lake City

    Alta is known for its incredible snow—more than 500 inches a year—and relaxed atmosphere. Here's how to spend three days at one of Utah's top ski destinations.

  5. 5 Reasons to Visit Beaver County Next Summer


    Beaver County, Utah, is known for its twisting scenic drives, abandoned ghost towns, and plenty of solitude. Get off the highway and explore this unique part of the state.

  6. 5 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Beaver County


    About a three hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, Beaver County is an adventurer’s paradise with natural wonders and experiences that match the best of Utah’s iconic national parks.

  7. The Fascinating Story Behind Antelope Island State Park


    Utah's Antelope Island, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, has become a destination for viewing wildlife and the unique ecosystem. But it was a long, tenuous journey to create the state park that's become so popular today.

  8. 6 Must-Do Winter Adventures in Davis County


    While the Wasatch Mountain range is perhaps best known for its world-class skiing, Davis County, Utah, has lots of other winter activities to enjoy as well.

  9. 5 Reasons to You Must Visit Tooele Next Summer


    Tooele County, Utah, offers towering mountain ranges, wide sagebrush-covered basins dotted with grazing horses, flat pans of gleaming white salt, still water reflecting blue sky, and historic sites that remember the Old West.

  10. 5 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Tooele


    Beautiful Tooele County, Utah, features plenty to do in the outback, including hiking, mountain biking, backroad driving, rock climbing, and fishing. Take advantage of this unique part of the state for an adventurous outdoor getaway.

  11. The Story of Springdale: One of the Most Hospitable Towns in America

    Zion National Park

    Located at the mouth of Zion, this small hamlet is a welcoming spot full of amenities for all its visitors.

  12. Why Visiting Zion National Park In the Off Season Is a Great Idea

    Zion National Park

    While the park mulls over ways to manage high visitation during the peak season, the simplest way to avoid the masses and enjoy Zion is to come in the off-season, which runs from December through February.

  13. The Fascinating Story Behind Tooele


    A trip to Tooele County, Utah, offers numerous historic sites and places that evoke its role in the California Gold Rush, its Mormon pioneer past, the legendary Pony Express Trail, and rowdy mining days in the late 19th century.

  14. Why Ogden Is One of Utah’s Best Ski Towns


    Located just 40 miles north of the Salt Lake City airport, Ogden, Utah, is a perfect basecamp for a ski vacation. With three ski resorts, affordable lodging, fine restaurants, and a vibrant après ski scene, it's a great place to enjoy a winter getaway.

  15. The 6 Best Outdoor Activities to Do with the Kids in Beaver County


    Located in southwest Utah, Beaver County is filled with wild places—rugged mountains, sharp canyons, placid lakes, and wildflower-covered meadows—that offer plenty of memorable adventures for families.

  16. The Top 6 Day Hikes in Beaver County


    Just east of Beaver, Utah, the Tushar Mountains feature some of the state's best hiking adventures with trails threading among high peaks and crossing alpine meadows filled with wildflowers.

  17. The 7 Best Water Adventures in the Southwest Utah Desert

    St. George

    Check out these unique-to-Utah, water-fueled adventures to keep cool, escape the desert heat, and add a whole new element of adventure to your visit to Washington County.

  18. 7 Reasons You Must Visit Davis County, Utah, Next Summer


    Davis County, Utah, is filled with outdoor adventures, hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and amusement parks that make it a great summer destination.

  19. Where to Get on the Water in Beaver County


    Located in southwest Utah, Beaver County is known for its access to the lofty Tushar Mountains, but it's also an excellent destination for those who enjoy time on the water, with a wide variety of sparkling streams and sky-reflecting lakes.

  20. A Guide to Getting on the Water in Grand Junction

    Grand Junction

    The Colorado River Corridor, offering loads of fun for rafters, kayakers, canoeists, and stand-up paddlers, is an ideal place to visit during the hot summer months.

  21. An Insider's Guide to the Million Dollar Highway


    Southwest Colorado's Million Dollar Highway, a designated All-American Byway, is one of the state’s must-do scenic drives with mile after mile of eye-popping scenery.

  22. Conservation and Recreation: What Alta is Doing to Remain a World-Class Ski Destination

    Salt Lake City

    Focusing on a number of environmental initiatives, Alta is taking steps to ensure that skiers can enjoy its world-famous powder for generations to come.

  23. Northgate Peaks Trail

    Zion National Park

    This family-friendly hike offers expansive views of Zion and makes for an excellent summer route due to its high elevation.

  24. The Most Scenic Spots to Catch a Sunset in Davis County


    With the Great Salt Lake to the west, Davis County, Utah, is filled with memorable sports to watch the sun descend into the water. Here are some of our favorites.

  25. The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Beaver County


    About three hours southwest of Salt Lake City, Beaver County, Utah, has the two things that all mountain bikers love: great trails and no crowds. Discover the best ways for off-road riders to enjoy this under-the-radar playground.