Josh Holloway

I grew up just outside of Athens, Georgia in the little municipal of Winterville. It's the stereotypical American small town and has an old railroad station to suite. Having grown up within nature on a land plot that stretches 400 acres across I have always had a love for all things outdoors. I remember spending many mornings, afternoons, and nights exploring the green spaces that encompassed me and always found a greater thrill in all of it than any television show could offer. 

When I started high school I wanted to participate in a sport that would involve both my interests of nature and pushing the limits of my body. I heard about cross country after my sister had run both her junior and senior years. Having been attracted to the sport purely by the expectation that it would give me something to occupy my time after school I never expected to become so dedicated to it!

However, after a scholarship didn't materialize for college because of the institutions "financial issues" I was at a lost as to how I was going to continue to compete in running with no organized drive. I spent a year dabbling in other outdoor activities and past-times but none seemed to suite me as much as running had. There was something I loved about getting to those upper limits within myself and pushing on further all while enjoying the awesome beauty our God had created for us!

Then it came to me one day while pushing up a hard incline towards the summit of Springer Mountain, ultra trail running! A sport that combines all the features I love and has a bit of a relaxed pace. I've been hooked every since and having recently completed my first 50k I can very well say that any disappointments I had about not continuing to run in college are completely past me. There's just something about those ultra long distances that I believe we all can value from!

If you're ever in town be sure to come check me and the rest of the Half-Moon crew out at our Athens location located in 5 points. It's a small shop with a huge heart for the outdoors and we're always glad to see others satisfied by the knowledge, expertise, and tips we can offer them!

-Josh Holloway


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