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  1. 5 Great American Road Trips to Take This Fall

    There's arguably no better time than fall to take a road trip, when this country's landscapes and forests are ablaze in their full fiery force.

  2. 7 Places Where Thru-Hikers Must Stop on their Journey from Georgia to Maine

    Sure, thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail like spending time in the woods. But they also like getting drunk in trail towns. Here are the best places to do the latter.

  3. Three Days in the Tetons: A Glimpse into the Unreal

    Jackson Hole

    Fueled by whiskey and a sense of adventure, this is the story of how two 25-year-old road warriors spent three days in the Tetons.

  4. Cycling in Seattle on a Saturday


    The Emerald City is one of the friendliest bike cities in the nation; here's the Insider's Guide to cycling in Seattle on a Saturday.