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  1. River Side Landing Park - Flat Water Paddling


    Paddling the Tennessee River through downtown Knoxville is easily one of the most convenient and rewarding options for paddlers in the area.

  2. Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge - Flat Water Paddling


    This is one of the most beautiful paddles in the Knoxville area, and it's only 20 minutes from downtown.

  3. Mead's Quarry - Trail Running


    Enjoy an easy, convenient and accessible jaunt around the scenic and historic Mead's Quarry Lake.

  4. Concord Park - Trail Running


    The trails at Concord Park are well maintained, well marked, and perfect for trail running and mountain biking. The best part is that they're only half an hour from downtown!

  5. Obed - Climbing


    Truly a climbing Mecca... Over 1,000 routes, some of the best sport climbing in the southeast, and a dynamic boulder field. Bring your friends, some good stories, and some craft beer and make a weekend of it.

  6. Look Rock - Climbing


    Look Rock is a small sandstone crag that sports boulders and cliffs up to about 40 feet.

  7. Black Mountain - Climbing


    Located along the Cumberland Trail, Black Mountain is a wonderful place to get started as a climber. At 2,900 feet, it's also one of the highest points on the Cumberland plateau, offering fantastic views.

  8. 11 Family-Friendly Winter Hikes in the Triad

    Charlotte, Winston-Salem

    Choose one of these family-friendly Triad hikes for your next family adventure.

  9. Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area - Backpacking/Camping


    Big South Fork NRRA offers some of Tennessee's most wild and rugged territory. Just over an hour from downtown Knoxville, this nationally significant area is an unforgettable place and a must see destination!

  10. Obed Wild and Scenic River - Hiking


    Whether hiking along the well-kept trails, white water paddling along the Obed River or Clear Creek River, climbing on the hard sandstone rock or trying your luck at fishing, the Obed has something for everyone and can be enjoyed year-round.

  11. House Mountain State Natural Area - Hiking


    House Mountain is the tallest peak in Knox County. It's home to scenic hiking trails and fun road cycling routes.

  12. IC King Park - Trail Running


    If you're looking for a super convenient and accessible park with plenty of land and water activities, IC King Park is probably your best bet.

  13. Holston River Park - Flat Water Paddling


    This is one of the most activity-packed parks in the Knoxville area, where you can enjoy anything from a run or walk to a bike ride or paddle.

  14. Sequoyah Park - Road Running


    Sequoyah Park is a favorite among locals. It's only minutes from downtown and its trails provide runners and walkers a great place to get in a post-work or post-school workout.

  15. Alum Cave - Hiking


    This moderately difficult 4.4 mile trail is a great option for families interested in witnessing some really neat geological cave formations.

  16. The Jump Off - Hiking


    The Jump Off is the iconic cliff face of Mt. Kephart in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It offers stunning views and 6.5 miles of steady hiking along the Appalachian Trail.

  17. Spence Field Via Anthony Creek - Hiking


    Spence Field is a 200-acre highland meadow that is one of the coolest spots in all of Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

  18. Mt. LeConte - Hiking


    The 6,593 foot summit of Mt. Le Conte is one of the most popular spots in Smoky National Park. You can get there via a number of trails, but two of our favorite hikes are the Alum Cave Trail and the Boulevard Trail.

  19. Andrews Bald - Hiking


    Andrews Bald is the highest bald in the Smokies; offering a grassy, scenic summit after an easy 1.8 mile (one way) family friendly hike.

  20. 10 Eco-Friendly Ski Resorts That are Leading the Way for Sustainability in the U.S.

    Burlington, Denver, Park City

    From recycling to solar power, these surprisingly eco-friendly ski resorts in the U.S. are pioneering the a new path for sustainability efforts.

  21. Norris Dam State Park - Trail Running


    This Norris Dam State Park has it all! Excellent trails for running and hiking, and a large watershed for fishing and paddling.

  22. Indian Flats - Hiking


    Hiking to Indian Flats Falls via the Middle Prong Trail is one of the absolute best waterfall hikes in all of Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

  23. Meigs Creek Trail - Hiking


    The Meigs Creek Trail is a 7 mile roundtrip out and back that traverses and crisscrosses Meigs Creek on numerous occasions.

  24. Abrams Falls - Hiking


    This is one of the most popular hikes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park because the falls and 100-foot wide pool at the end offer visitors a beautiful spot to take a dip.

  25. Pigeon River - White Water Paddling


    Paddlers of every level can find the adventure they are seeking along the Pigeon River.