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The Hippie House Loop is located just outside Cortez, Colorado and makes a wonderful hike the whole family can enjoy.

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Garrett Stimax


2.5 miles

The loop itself is 2.5 miles, although it connects to the entire Phil's World trail system

Destination Distance From Downtown

7.3 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

The hike is very mild, with little elevation change.

Time To Complete

1 hours

Given the simplicity and the relatively short hike, 1.5 hours should be more than enough time to complete this loop at a leisurely pace.


All Seasons

The moderate winters in Cortez make this trail accessible most of the year. Exceptions include after a large snowstorm, and during the spring runoff (because it's usually muddy). Caution should also be used when hiking at midday during the summer, because the sun can be quite intense.

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The Hippy House Loop is a part of the Phil’s World trail system just outside of Cortez, Colorado. Although it is usually used as a mountain bike trail, the Hippy House Loop makes a mild hike that the whole family can enjoy, and a great example of the high desert ecosystem in Cortez.

What Makes It Great

The amazing views from Hippy House are a prime example of the diversity and beauty of Southwest Colorado. Including being easily accessible from Cortez, the trail is also a prime viewing point for Mesa Verde National Park, the snow capped La Plata mountain range, and the looming tranquility of Sleeping Ute. It’s a great place to see all the things that make Southwest Colorado unique. This area is known as the gateway to the canyonlands, and indeed it is a bridge between two extreme and beautiful climates. The trail is a great way to see the transition with your own eyes. With the high alpine Rocky Mountains to the east, and the beginnings of the red Utah desert to the west, Hippie House is an excellent example of this unique corner of America. The mild trail is a great place to take a stroll with the family and take pictures of the beautiful high desert scenery. Hikers of all ages will enjoy the rolling hills and abundance of wildlife. Desert Hares and small lizards are common, and in the right season you may even see elk or deer. The trail winds and curves it’s way through the sage and scrub oak, bringing you back to where you started in a convenient loop

Who is Going to Love It

Visitors and locals alike will love the convenience of the Hippy House Loop location. It is only 4 miles east from downtown, and conveniently located right off of U.S. highway 160. Those with families who aren’t quite ready to scale a mountain and don’t want to drive far will enjoy this loop. It can also be a great hike when first arriving to the area, because you will be able to scope out several other natural wonders, like Mesa Verde National Park. Amateur and professional photographers will also love this loop because of the gorgeous panoramas in every direction. Hippie House is popular with locals who want a quick hike or ride after a long day at work. The rolling hills can be quite relaxing and the short 2.5 mile hike leaves enough time to get back to the car before sundown.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

You can park at the Phil’s World parking lot off of U.S. highway 160. From downtown take 160 for 4 miles east towards Mancos and turn left on the dirt road across from the county fairgrounds adjoining McElmo Creek. Drive down the road for a quarter mile and turn right into the Phil’s World parking lot. To access the Hippy House directly, continue driving another quarter mile and look for an unmarked break in the fence. There is a side trail here that will bring you directly to Hippy House without having to do the connecting Trust Loop.

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Hippy House Loop

3125 U.S. Highway 160
Cortez , Colorado, 81321
37.254142, -108.644434

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