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Paul Fleck


Avoca Coffee is a local coffee shop for myself and other that work at Backwoods here in Fort Worth. Avoca is apart of the Magnolia Ave development where many multicultural restaurants and gastropubs have popped up during the last couple of years. Avoca Coffee shop provides a comfortable modern environment an has emphasized their availability to host groups of people. I personally have used this location as a meeting grounds before my cycling rides by having a cup of coffee that has been roasted in house and used Magnolia's bike lanes as a safe link-up to the Trinity Trails. Avoca tries to host products that are as local as possible and brings in local companies to fill their inventory of pastries and kombucha. If you see a bearded man behind the counter, his name is Garold LaRue. Garold is a soft spoken, yet solid dude who owns the coffee shop and can answer any questions about events, coffee or other issues you may have. Stop by Backwoods in the mornings and you can try a cup of their coffee on the house while you browse around!

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Avoca Coffee

1311 W Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, TX, 76104
32.730398, -97.340021

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