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This mixed use park filled with soccer and baseball fields as well as a large dog park offers not one, but two sets of mountain biking paths for those who want to blaze off the beaten path.

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7.0 miles

Seven miles represents the full set of trails. Each section of the trail is approximately 3.5 miles.

Destination Distance From Downtown

2.5 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

One set of paths is fairly simple, while the second is longer and more removed from the park's center, requiring a longer trip overall.

Time To Complete

0 hours


All Seasons

The local mountain biking association asks that no one use the trails during heavy rain, and to try not to damage them if they're extremely wet/muddy.

Dog Friendly


The park itself features road running trails and a dog park, but dogs aren't allowed on the mountain biking paths.

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Gateway Park | FWMBA



This mixed use park filled with soccer and baseball fields as well as a large dog park offers not one, but two sets of mountain biking paths for those who want to blaze off the beaten path. Gateway Park offers two separate mountain biking paths certified by the Fort Worth Mountain Biking Association, one on each side of the Trinity River. The western path can be used as a loop, or an out and back when connecting to the eastern path, which is significantly longer than the western paths.

What Makes It Great

The western path is a beginners course over flat terrain. This path is best accessed through the traffic circle where many people park their cars, or near the parking lot to the rugby/soccer fields. Wherever bikers begin, they will find a wind, mostly flat dirt path with very few obstructions or obstacles. Trees hug extremely close to the path, and although the path is simple, losing control could result in a nasty tumble into a tree.

The eastern path has multiple access points. To the far south, an entrance can be found near the entrance to the running/cycling paths of the Trinity Trails. Those seeking the eastern mountain bike route should cross a levee across the Trinity River, follow the Trinity Trail paved path easy, and will come upon the mountain biking route. This trail is largely straight over hilly terrain, following the eastern end of the river. Eventually, the path forks, with one path leading along the river - which is more wild but on less hilly terrain - and the eastern path which is better developed and ridden, but on significantly more hilly terrain. Both paths intersect further down, but invariable reunite toward the north.

Who is Going to Love It

Bikers looking for an intermediate run will find themselves at home on the eastern path. Not only is the terrain moderately, but the length of the path along with its loops or the ability to out and back to the western path offers a fair experience for those looking for a long, secluded path through wooded and hilly terrain. 

Covnersely, beginners who are still gaining experience will find the western path easy to access and comfortable, offering a lot of fun turns and areas for higher speeds, but also with access to the paved walking trails if a break is needed. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Parking can be found at multiple parking lots within the park, or along the traffic circle near the west path’s various entrances. The park closes after dusk, and police may issue citations for anyone remaining by nightfall.

Dogs are allowed in the park, but are not allowed on the mountain biking trails. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets at all times and not to ride on the trails if they are muddy and wet.

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Gateway Park

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