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Mountain biking and hiking at River Legacy Trails in Arlington, Texas.

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Rani Bartlett


10.5 miles

There are 10.5 mi total of dirt trails in this area that are maintained by DORBA Dallas Off Road Bike Association. There is also a paved trail that connects to this trail.

Destination Distance From Downtown

20.2 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Easy loop trails as well as more difficult areas such as EKG and Fun Town

Time To Complete

4 hours

There are 10.5 mi of trails available with plenty of hills and jumps on the more challenging trails


All Seasons

Dog Friendly

On Leash Only

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River Legacy Park

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River Legacy Park



The River Legacy Park is a beautiful, meandering park located in the heart of Arlington Texas that runs along a portion of the Trinity River. The park provides large open spaces with soccer fields, places for birthday parties, as well as a thirteen mile paved trail. Additionally there are ten miles of established mountain biking trails that is maintained by DORBA (Dallas Offroad Bike Association). The mountain biking trails are incredible and easily provide hours of entertainment. They are distinguished by different color signs Red for more difficult trails, and blue for easier trails. They are also very well marked making you easy to find in the event of an emergency.

What Makes It Great

The large variety of trails varies from novice to expert on this trail system. The trails are color coded red for more technical routes, and blue for easier routes. It is an excellent place to bring your family or just meet some buddies and go for a ride. In addition to being able to witness what true North Texas landscape would look like sans tree extraction and riding land mowers, this is also a great place to come and view the local wildlife. There are javelina hogs, turtles and coyotes in this area as well as countless different birds just to name a few. It is a great place to divorce yourself from the reality of the city and be able to have some true quiet time to yourself. If you are looking for some more challenging terrain you can always opt off the gently sloping main trail that sinuously takes you through the forest onto more challenging trails such as EKG and Fun Town. The more challenging trails are marked by jagged turns, steeply graded slopes and some unforgiving slender boards over the system of gullies that runs through the area. Overall this is an excellent place to come for everyone.

Who is Going to Love It

Outdoor enthusiasts and mountain bikers will love this area. The trails also connect to back to the main paved River Legacy path so its easy to take a break and bail back onto the main trail, or extend your hike by adding distance and technical ability. Its also a great place to go trail running or train for hiking as long as you don't mind sharing the trail with mountain bikers. There are plenty of benches that are provided as well in case you need to stop and take a rest. I don't suggest bringing strollers or small children to this area in the park. Due to the wildlife and terrain it is better to stay on the main path with small children.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Directions: River Legacy Trail is located in the Green Oaks Blvd Section of River Legacy Park in Arlington. Once inside the park, take your first Left turn (approximately 0.3 mi.) and follow that road to the Trail Head Parking Lot on your Left (0.5 mi). Disregard the parking lots on the right. Ours is the first parking lot you will come to on the Left. The trail head at the west end of the parking lot.

From Interstate 30: Take the Cooper Street exit in Arlington. Head North on Cooper St. for about 1.6 miles to Green Oaks Blvd. Turn Left at Green Oaks Blvd then take the first Right into the park entrance.

From Hwy 360: Take the Green Oaks Exit. Take Green Oaks Blvd. West ( approx. 3.8 miles ) to the Park entrance just past the Cooper Street intersection.

From Hwy 157 / North Collins: Take Green Oaks Blvd. West ( approx. 1.6 miles ) to the Park entrance just past the Cooper Street intersection.

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River Legacy Park

701 NW Green Oaks Blvd
Arlington, TX, 76006
32.790524, -97.114293

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